Wednesday, June 24, 2009

National Champs!!

This is how we do it in the South!  We gather for just about any ol reason!  And tonight the reason was the national championship in Omaha.  We got together to watch the Tigers play!  
For all you northerners, this is the way it is done round here... Pistolettes!  
Boiled Shrimp! 
Shrimp Creole! 
Sausage and cheese dip!
A fruit tray with sugary heaven as a dip!
a Fresh green salad! 
and a fruit salad.  (*yummy yummy... throwback to Jake and the Wiggles!!  )

And thank you Linda Lou for all your expressive pictures! 
This is the guy viewing area.  I swear, it is like we are still in junior high!  They are in one area, watching one tv, and the girls are in another watching another tv.  And YES, we are in the AC!  It is killer hot in Louisiana right now! 
Look at this gorgeous view from Paula and Johnnye's back porch.  
I tried to zoom in on the horses in the pasture.  
and look what else I zoomed in on!  
So while I am talking about beautiful views, I guess I may as well tell you about our new news now...
See that dirt waaaaaay over there?!  
Here, I'll get you closer.  
Well, that is mine and Todd's new housepad!  We are building.  and we are underway!  I will probably have to work until I am 99!  But at least my girls will have a great big room of their own and I will have an art studio big enough to give lessons in.  That is one of my personal goals for age 40.  And that is just around the corner!  And... we will live between the Fords and the Raborns!  SHould be fuN!
This is sweet Caleb.  Gabbi was totally obsessed with him.  I mean clawing her way to get to him.  I have no idea why.  It seemed like it had something to do with his hair?!  
and of course, Emma Lou.. Decked out in her Mardi Gras beads! 
Gabbi Girl was in the den entertaining everyone with her new tricks!  
I followed paula into her pantry to find this...
the girl is a FREAK Of nature about water!  She bought 12 cases today.  And she will have those suckers drank up in no time!   One thing is for sure... she is well hydrated! 

Emma cracks me up.  Remember how she went through the "I will not wear anything cute" phase?!  Well, she is out of it now, and had on TWO cute outfits tonight.  She excused herself mid game to retire to her room where she donned an LSU ensemble!  yay for the purple and gold! 
And here is ol' homegirl still in her work duds!  
and lo and behold WHAT is this?!  
Could it be?  LSU wins their SIXTH national championship title!! 
Way to go boys.  You made our state proud!  And you, once again, gave us an excuse to stay out late on a work night and cheer for you.  I think our friends are the gatheringest, partyingest, eatingest group I know!  
But I wouldn't have it any other way! 

And although the quality is horrible, here is a video of our get together.  Apparently I took it in the DARK!  Enjoy!  


Mary Allison said...

so cute, I almost said wheres ellie? then i saw the video, haha.

that gabbi is so precious!
miss yall!

Jenn_N_Luc said...

Awesome game!!! GEAUX TIGERS!!!

Renee said...

LSU, LSU, LSU----Goooooo TIGERS!!!!!! Woo Hoo! That's what I'm talking about!

Kathryn said...

Congratulations on a wonderful game! We are baseball people in this house, and believe me, we loved that victory!

Holley Sisters said...

Fun! We were doing the same thing at my grandparents house the last 3 nights. (Well I wasn't actually watching the game, but I was there) =) GG is so sweet!


Mike and Kris said...

Love all the food...I am a northern and had never even heard of the first item you had posted. Too funny! Everytime I see LSU play anything, I think of your family. I am a Minnesota Gopher fan, so it is hard to cheer for anybody else!

Theresa Shirley said...

Mo---I am movin' to West Monroe!!! haha. Ya'll just have SO MUCH fun all the dang time!! Does EVERYBODY around there have a gorgeous house?? Paula's looks beautiful too!! And now you get to build yours!! I can't wait to see the pictures as it progresses!! Thanks for sharing the video. Love ya'll!!!

MLP said...

I want to gather, party and eat with ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loved it all and love hearing/seeing ya'll on video!

Congrats on starting to build your dream house! I can't wait to watch the progress!!!

Holley Sisters said...

It looks like ya'll had a great time!! Tell Ellie those flowers looked very pretty! And of course, GEAUX TIGER!!!!!!!

Mackenzie :P

Unknown said...

That's right REPRESENT!!! GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!! That's the way to have a PAR-TAY down here in LA! I'm all about getting together to celebrate whatever! :)

Sammie said...

Love those girls!!!

The food looks yummy! Hey, I've lived in the Northeast MS all my life and I've never heard of the first thing in your pictures. I had to look the recipe up. Sounds very good.

Do you think you could zap your little craft house to my place? I'd love to have it "down on the farm where the green grass grows." :o)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, seeing that makes me ready to come back! Can I? Can I? How's that for inviting myself?!@# I have had the privilege of seeing the "pad" first hand AND Paula and J's house AND Staci and Don's and I promise, it's gorgeous in pictures, but it's 1,000 times more breathtaking in REAL LIFE!! Mel, you will love your new home and I know that art room is calling your name. This world needs YOU to teach art. There are all of us "don't know what the heck I'm doing" folks out here because there were no Mo's when I grew up! I am, once again, PUSHING your dream. Remember, John M..............DREAM it sister!! I'm writing mine down. I might even order a canvas from MOJOY with all of them written on there.......hmmmm, now, that's an idea!:) Miss yall!!

Beverly said...

Mo, have I missed a post on the canvases (is that a word?)? Are you going to sell them on etsy or do you have any left? I want one if there's any chance of getting one.

OK now for the post - you guys really know how to party! Love little Maddi's picture. She's a sweetie. And that Gabbi - do you glue her face in a smile? Just kidding. Love the chair climb and out the door for Ellie. Your children are so beautiful and look like so much fun!

speak said...

Your get togethers are an inspiration to my hubby and I!! We look forward to them in our new house!! You can't show us food with out some way for us to make it at home. We need recipes!!!

Dawn said...

Thanks for the shout out Todd Groves!!! Todd Pierce says, "Don't be ugly". It was a sad night here last night. Oh well, we will wait for next year.

Love you all!

Lisa said...

Ok - I'm going to have to google
Pistolettes . . . they look yummy and I don't think we have those in Alabama :-)