Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Geaaaauuuux TIGERS!!

Now you outta KNOW what we are watching at the Groves house tonight.  The same thing we were all watching at the Raborn house LAST night!  

LSU vs. Texas.  
So, last night, we slapped our long luxurious golden hair up into a couple of pigtails (which has become a recent FAVORITE!!), and away we went!
Look closely, and you will see about 20 rubber bands on her wrist and a couple of rubber headbands on her neck.  I just don't get the fascination! 
Gabbi is just so normal!  No extra things hanging all over her!  Just pleased as punch to have a big ol bow on her head.  
Happy to just be hanging out with her Aunt Staci! 
and her hip hop friend, Emma Lou! 
Paula had to go through about  a year's worth of horrible, horrible pain when Emma refused to wear any of the cute clothes she was buying her.  Instead, there were a lot of tee shirts with company logos, and if I remember correctly, camo shorts.  
Ughhhh, I think I would have to send my girls to military school if they start that action!  
At least she is over it now.  She is wearing little outfits with matching (and might I add reversible!) hats.  Ahhh.  Thank Goodness!  
While the above three played, I look over and notice what this one is up to! 
She is definitely one to find a way! 
and once she had that door open,.....
she simply climbed down, 
and was out that door! 
Hip Hop Emma Z played a little more with Gabbi Girl who seems to be doing much better with standing!  So happy about that!  
Ummmm hmmmm... Fo shizzle!  As snoop dawg would say! 
Outside... the game is KICKING! 
If you will recall, no one has told Todd that we don't actually LIVE here, so if there is EVER an excuse to cook in Don's outdoor grill, Todd is THERE! 

and speaking of standing more...
oh, well, hello there, Crazy Daisy!  
ANd now Hip Hop Emma Z starts some sort of pelvic thrusting that she had better STOP! 
The little girls (Ellie and Maddi), for some reason, LOVE to ride in Maddi's baby doll strollers!  
Look how complacent Ellie Sue is.  She is never this still and quiet.  Seriously!! 
This is a hoot.  I mean, look how smushed down she is to fit into this thing.  And yet, she loves it! 

I didn't take any really good pics of Maddi Boo, so I thought I would just stick one in here.  I have NOT been on my photography game lately.  Just not dealing with lighting, flash, etc.  Oh well, life seems to just be moving really fast lately! 
Word to ya mutha.
This is Richard D.  His last name starts with an R?!  But everyone calls him Richard D.  He owns a local seafood restaurant and brought a little bit of his bartending flair to the party.  He was making maitais.  I think I may have to have my stomach pumped after this past week!  
And don't you even THINK that Todd does not take this VERY seriously!  He put his rally cap on when we needed an extra couple of runs to stay in it last night.  
And when that base hit went down left field line, he was one happy puppy! 
You tell em, Todd.  
Don and PauPau were sitting there holding hands.  I just don't get our group.  Plain ol weird! 
Todd Pierce, you are in deep doodoo!  Do you know what Ellie Sue (as in ELLIESUE...LSU) was trying to do here!?!? 
She was clearly saying "hook em horns" as she tried to make her hands cooperate.  Just you wait.  I am sending some purple and gold to Mason.  I may help him dye his hair purple and gold.  
That is ok.... cause I was steadily watching this! 
and soon enough, I was watching this...
oh, and this!  Wait!  Is this a celebration?!  What?  Huh?  Hook em who?!  
No offense meant to the other Pearce family who also lives in Texas!  Only the Todd Pierce group!  ANd tonight, we go for the national championship!  Geeeaaaux Tigers!!!! 


(Snekcip, LOVED my poem! )  


stephleighjenkins said...

Let's Geaux Tigers!!!! Not liking tonight's game much yet. They need to settle down!!!

Rhonda said...

Remember I mentioned a couple of weeks that my niece is going to LSU this fall?? They were over last night and we were all rooting for the Tigers, even though we are in Texas! But we are Texas Tech Red Raiders and just CAN'T root for University of Texas - that would just be WRONG!! We are watching again tonight, but at this point, it isn't looking as good as last night! Geaux Tigers!!

P.S. I hope you never have to endure those girly girls turning into little tomboys - trust me when I say it is rough on a mommy after she has dressed her daughter like a living DOLL (with every precious accessory imaginable!), and then she gets a little older and is mainly interested in basketball shorts and high school mascot tshirts!!! :)

Beth E. said...

I'm lovin' Ellie's pigtails. She is a doll! And Gabbi's standing up now? Gee whiz...they're both growing up so fast!

Now that Ellie has figured out a way to open doors, you might have to put locks at the TOP of all of your doors! That's what we had to do with our boys when they were little, to keep them from getting outside without one of us knowing about it. Just a thought...

MLP said...

The pigtails are too much! Love them & LOVE that spunky girl and her accessories!

Gabbi is the most precious blessing! She is so happy and sweet and adorable!!!

We are the Pierces in Texas, too. But we are Texas Aggies (and me a Baylor Bear) so tonight we are with ya'll.............GO ELLIE SUE. I mean LSU!!!!!!!!!!!

Monica said...

thinking of you as I was at the game last night, it was incredible!! it's the top of the 9th now, they need 4...it's possible!!:)

Dawn said...

Ha Ha...Ellie Sue, we sure do think that it's just precious that you were trying to do the sign for Hook 'em Horns!!! She is one smart little girl. Hmmm, she loves bracelets...maybe I can find her a burnt orange one with a cute little Bevo on it. She would just LOVE it!!!

Todd Groves - check your facebook page. Todd sent you something!!

Love y'all!

Anonymous said...

There is some LSU fever up in the hizouse tonight, huh? Did they win? I didn't watch! Imagine that? Looks like the girls enjoyed their time with EL. They might start their own hoopty hoop.....love EL's hat! The doll stroller is cracking me up!

Monica said...

game 3 tomorrow, i feel for the guys it has been so hot and humid here the last couple days!! did I mention I live in Omaha NE :)
And I agree the pigtails are way to cute, and that Gabbi what a happy happy girl!!

firefamily said...

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I am still so sad we could not make the trip down there this year for the Shake. We miss ya'll like crazy and can't wait for next year.
I know you read this everyday or almost every day and I wanted to let you know that we are gearing up for a 5K family fun walk/run to benefit Children's Cancer Research fund here in MN. The kids love this event and every year they raise money to donate on race day. Matthew our 4 year old has been running around all week Shakin his booty and sayin Shake for Jake, he was so sad when I told him Saturday was not the shake but that he could wear Jake's name on the back of his shirt this year. He was so excited that he wanted me to write Jake's name on his shirt yesterday. It's actually a little banner that they make the day of the race and it gets pinned to the back of their shirt for the race. I will take pictures and get them to you so you can show Don and Staci, we still found something to honor Jake this year even though we couldn't make it to the Shake.
All of our love and support from very Hot very Humid north.

Shannon said...

Come on up and visit we can be at the game in 45 minutes from my house!!!! Omaha is a crazy crazy city for this week out of the year!!!

~Mrs.Hodge~ said...

I LOVE the pigtails!!!!!! That girl is such a hoot!

Laurie said...

You should of come down to the CWS you could of been in my state of Nebraska and would of had a chance to meet you guys. That would of been awesome. Love the pictures take care


Holley Sisters said...

Looks like ya'll had fun! Ellie Sue and Gabbi Lou are so precious! It's so funny how Ellie's name sounds like LSU!

Mackenzie :)

snekcip said...

Why THANK YOU MO!!! She loves me.....she really loves me (mimicking Sally Fields when she won her EMMY!)LOL

Hey you know what LOVE even more, ELLIE SUE DOING THE HOOK 'EM HORNS SIGN!!! GOODNESS I LOVE THAT TEXANNA...uh..er..uh I meant ELLIE SUE !!!LOL!!!

Roberta said...

Love all the pictures but still waiting to see those LSU swimsuits. Hope ya'll get rested up after a hectic but profitable weekend.