Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Birthday. Another night at the Hangout.

I suppose I would be remiss if I didnt' mention the other little birthday we celebrated while at the beach! Meet Lauren. If you know Lauren's mom, tell her to check out the blog so she can see how we helped her daughter experience her sweet sixteen!As you know by now, the Hangout makes the birthdays in the room get on top of a table and dance. This is the night's group of birthday peeps. Oh... except Emma Lou. She just doesn't miss an opportunity to stand atop a table with an audience. Watch out, Paula and Johnnye.I was at least proud to see that Lauren at least pulled out some old school moves, since we couldn't get ol' Mary Allison to even MOVE! Then she froze! And we were most diasappointed, because from what I am hearing... she is like a premiere ballerina in our area. She could have outdanced ANYONE in that room! and we got a sad little beach boy move. Come on, Lauren! Do it. Shake it. Move it!

Like this...WAIT! HOLD IT! STOP THE MUSIC!WHO is that little girl on the table? Doing the Macarena?! Who taught her THAT?! Dee. Please call YOUR daughter and tell her to tame HER daughter, as she seems to be MY daughter's role model! This must stop now!

And during all this maylay, Tashia is holding my sweet little angel baby. Tashia is the glutton for punishment who brought six teenage girls down here just for kicks. I mean, six 16 year old girls. Oooh, BRAVE!And while we are talking about sweetness..

I loved watching all those "cool" teenagers googooing over Gabbi Girl. When no one was watching , almost every one of them (even the boys) wanted to hold her. It was really cute!Here they go again! Ellie took a quick break, with Kirsten... and then...Did someone say "line dancing"!??

Oh yes they did... how low can you go?!I must have pulled something!Time for a break. Maybe a little brithday cake is in order.Since Tashia had all the teenage girls, and our crew is full of teenage boys...
(like this handsome fella!)

We were kinda sleeping with one eye open!

All these kids have grown up together, so basically they were all buddies. But, you know... I'm just sayin'!

This is one of the cheerleaders. See why we have to be careful. We ain't talkin' bout no ugly girls!

This is Tyler, Hunter's buddy, who made the trip. Hayden got to bring a pal too. He brought Raylee.

This is what all the kids were standing around watching. This dude is a magician. I swear, I don't think there is a better place to hangout than the Hangout! There is a little something for everyone!
They were mesmerized. I got the play by play, trust me!
And they were selling these little blinky ears. You can't tell it here, but they light up!
Ellie was the one begging for them, and when I bought them, (reluctantly), she never put the dang things on! Gabbi, on the other hand, is my "easy" kid! She said, "whatever!".
My two sitters who made my life much easier when I was on my extended vacation.
Oh, here they are! Hayden and his bud, Raylee. And their swoopy bangs! It is all about the swoopy bang! And this is Ana. She has been on the trip with the Fords forever! She is Emma's surrogate mom. Especially at the beach!

This is where it got so cute!

I snuck down to the next level where we were sitting and saw this...
Todd slow dancing with gabbi Girl. She seemed to like that extra attention!

And to show you why it was time that Todd cut that goatee off...It had gotten so long that we could make a ponytail with it!G-R-O-S-S!!
And just to clear this up, he didn't shave it OFF. He just CUT it off! It is now back to the same ol' goatee it has been for about 17 years!

Baby steps!

I am sad that I will be heading back to Louisiana early in the AM. To the lady who I emailed back about meeting her daughter tomorrow at cheer camp. I hate to say, Todd is on a mission to get out of town before the sun comes up! Maybe we can meet some other time. We will be in Memphis in December, so come cheer on TeamJake with us!

Love, love. Mo


Holley Sisters said...

The ears are adorable!! We have got to go to the Hangout next time we are at the Beach Club!!


Beth E. said...

I love all of that dancing! I can't dance AT ALL. Looks like everyone there was puttin' on some great moves!

Have a safe trip back...

Sandy said...

I agree the Hangout is great we went there last time we went to gulf shores and it was awesome. You better be watching Ellie instead of Gabbi on the pole dancing thing she looks like she may have some grooves going on. Have a safe trip home.

Holly said...

I wasn't even on the vacation and I'm thinking - PHOOIE, Already? I have loved the beach posts. Can't you possibly stay as long as Staci did last summer? Little Ellie on that table dancing - just so dang cute. I love the evening when everyone has had their sink baths and is all cleaned up and dressed so adorably for the Hangout. Not just the girls - you and Todd look pretty great after your sink baths too!! Oh well, I guess somebody's got to get back to work and pay for the great vacation and all those fabulous clothes! haha

Thanks for letting us tag along on the trip!
Love ya, Holly & JakeDog

Anonymous said...

I am with Holly! I mean, did you at least make sure that Staci knows the way home? You know, I would kinda like to meet her at Shake! Are you sure you didn't call a modeling agency instead of a nanny agency when you hired these girls? Gosh, I'm never going anywhere where I have to wear a bathing suit with you and your crew. Ellie is gettin' giggy wit it! So stinkin' cute! I know you're glad Todd got rid of the tumble weeds......shew.....Those pics of Gabbi and T are wall worthy!

Kathryn said...

Safe journey!

jennifer said...

Wow - what fun you guys all have! The girls are gorgeous.

Tonight when I looked at the clock, it was 11:11. How cool is that?

Tammy said...

Have a safe trip home, I have truly enjoyed every picture, and every story you have shared while on your staycation! Where do you find the time girl?? Hugs from Fort Worth!

Roberta said...

Hope y'all have a safe trip home. I know you all have thoroughly enjoyed your vacation.

Ally said...

I finally started my blog after years of reading yours. I hope one day mine will be as good as yours. Please check it out and give me some feedback.

Kelly said...

Adorable usual! Adorable girls! You guys have so much fun....I wanna hang out with you!! ;)

Holley Sisters said...

Gabbi and Ellie have the sweetest smiles! Hope you guys had fun in Gulf Shores!

Mackenzie Holley

Holley Sisters said...
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Lindsay said...

MO -- I have started scrapping and blogging -- all at once, in a flurry of fun!! I don't even know you, but I channeled you in all of it and wanted to share it with you "first":

Many thanks for being my inspiration -- even through the web and halfway across the country!