Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sink Baths; Part Deux!

Ol Gaggi can sure make a mess!But then again... you know how we LOVE sink baths around here! 
I am not even kidding.  The kid is obsessed with eating her soapy rags!  She snags em right out of my hand and has a death grip on it so I cannot get it away from her.
What's the draw? really?  I mean, is it the soap?  the smooth terry cloth?  the nice warm water on the rag?! WHAT?! 
Oh great.  You know who showed up to help!  
Look at my big girl all sitting in the sink by herself!  Did you think she would be that big so quickly?!  I am so proud of her!  I will tell anyone that my favorite first age is 8 months.  It just gets better and better from there! 
She also likes her regular bath.  She may be my little fish.  I already know she is my baby who likes to watch cartoons and definitely my kid who LOVES animals!  
Sometimes I am not even intending to give her a bath, but since I always intend to FEED her, well.... this is what I am left with!  So, QUICKLY into the sink she goes! 
I love that these two are starting to realize they can "play" together. 
I am looking ahead to a BUSY summer!  When Gaggi Gull gets to crawling, look out!  My life is about to get cookin', big time!  

Mary, I am so sorry about the oversight with the book.  I think Jessi must have missed that in your box!  Ha.  (just kidding!)  She made me open every box and do a QA test with her to make sure everything was in them.  As usual, I made it into a contest and kept telling her, "I am lapping you, Jessi!"  She said, "THis is not a contest, Melanie.  I am taking my time to make sure everything is in every box."  I said, "No you are just bitter because I am faster than you."  ha.  FACE!  I actually saw a book that was left out, but had NO idea which one, and had already sealed all the boxes, so I waited in anticipation to see whose it was.  I will send you a "prize" for the error!  Anyhoo, I am so sorry that Jessi missed putting your book in your box.  Looks like I am both fast AND accurate!  I will send it to you tomorrow ! 


breanna said...

i made something tonight that we can use at ellie's party! it's SO cute...well at least i think so!

gabbi is growing!!! and so are ellie's curls!

Anonymous said...

That Gabbi is one sweet girl! I can remember when b did the same thing with the wash cloth. I think it is the smooth texture they love on those swollen gums! Ellie is such a big helper. She loves her sister! So, if Gabbi is on the verge of crawling, isn't it 'bout time to get the adoption plans in gear? I mean, if I can't have another itty bitty right now, you certainly need to!! :) Let me know about the dates for the beach and I'll look at the calender. The girls are a growin' up!

Mary said...

I feel like I won the jackpot....a

I know good help is hard to come by these days...that Jessi! I can't imagine packing and shipping all those boxes and I wanted to also say I had to check the Etsy site to see if a book was included because I was like....I don't think so! That box was jam packed with stuff and I'm like I got all this for what I paid? That was the bargain of the year! I love everything!!!! You're the best.

Gabbi and Ellie are so damn cute!

Kathryn said...

We got home from NYC last night, and promptly went to sleep. Dang. Can't play until dawn well anymore! The box is here and I can't wait to dig in. Mother comes home from the hospital today, though! I am going to have to wait for awhile to open my box of lovely things. Thank you for all you do.

connie said...

i love the pics of gabbi so cute in the sink taking a bath and sucking on that wash cloth i remmeber my nieces and nephews doing the same thing with the wash clothes when taking a bath not sure whats up with it but they loved the wash clothes. anyway i will be ordering the scrapbooking kit and ear ring kit too this weekend i cant wait to get them

Beth E. said...

Love, love, LOVE to see pics of your girls! Precious, as always. :o)

I always enjoyed giving my boys sink baths. Goodness knows it was easier on my back than bending over that tub!!! LOL

I used to keep a wet washcloth in my refrigerator when the boys were teething. I would put them in their high chair, give them the washcloth, and they'd gnaw on it like crazy! It really seemed to help sooth their gums. I thought I saw a little tooth coming through on one of Gabbi's previous pics. It was on the bottom gums. Anyhoo, that may be why she likes them so much. Just a thought.

Have a great weekend!

snekcip said...

YOUR A GENIUS MO!! Giving {GAGGI GULL} a bath and washing dishes all at the same time (yeah I saw those dishes in the sink)LOL!! Now I see how you work so well w/time management skills!!! I think they call that MULTI-TASKING! HA!

My Bree LOVES a soapy dishtowel and she is 2!! I have wondered what is the fascination!!!! She has a mouth full of teeth!!!

She sucks on that towel like its a COOL CUP!! (FYI for the readers who don't know what that's frozen KOOL-AID in a styrofoam cup)LOL!

Gabbi is just scrumptious dirty or not!!

Anonymous said...

Oh she just gets sweeter and sweeter! Love how close your girls are! Just wait till the can talk to one another...just yesterday my 4 yr old told my 5 yr old "Your not my beft fwiend anymore, so dere." I was like what, where did that come from..haha

You are right, 8 mos and up is so much fun!!!!Bout time you get another baby Mel

Anonymous said...

BTW I printed some of your pages to use when this total non crafty mom tries to do her first book. I have always envied those that scrap and you have inspired me to start!!!!
Can't wait

Shannon said...

Say Mo...I need your help. My son has special needs and has AFO's, what am I to do with old ones that he has out grown?? Make them into planters? Just teasing is there some place to send them like you do old cell phones or eyeglasses? Let me know if you have ideas?

Lisa L said...

Hi Mo...reading your blog just makes me ...happy :) Thank you for all the beautiful pics and for your hilarious sense of humor! The girls are adorable...just adorable..and you are one great mum!

Belinda said...

I love to see your pics of the girls. The one of Gabbi with her toothless smile with food all over her face is the cutest! Thanks again for sharing your family. I feel like I know all of you. Maybe someday we all can have a "bloggy" meeting and all of us that have come out of lurkdom can get together and meet!!