Monday, April 27, 2009

More scrappy idears. (yes, Idears!)

Let us revisit the piles! To you who asked, I stack my layouts on top of each other in a corner until they are ready to go in the appropriate book. I took a class called Library of Memories from Big Picture Scrapbooking which totally rev0lutionized (YES, REVOLUTIONIZED!!) my scrappin! I now have absolutely no rhyme or reason to what I will be scrappin next. There is no order. There is no "I'm so far behind." SO , there is no guilt and you can really get back to enjoying the craft for the craft's sake. My books can be seen above and are by American Crafts (I think, Mindy H., am I right?!). I use four colors. Pink is for All ABout Us. Green is for Places We Go. Brown is for THings we Do. and Red is for People We Love. Just about any layout I do will fit into one of these. I have them in 12x12 and 8x11.
This layout is about my Gabbi Girl. The little chipboard accents around her are cheapies that came in some big kit I bought somewhere along the way. I really like having all colors of cardstock on hand. But, I also love having the new scalloped and shaped cardstock too!
An example is the green above in scallop. The clip at the bottom is from Office Depot, and is some sort of decorative paper clip. I just used a couple of scrap ribbons to decorate.

Ok, and this is a sad little layout. On the weekends, we often go over to our buds houses to hang out and eat. It drives me nuts. I love my friends, but they KNOW by now, that I will be there with some sort of rolling suitcase in tow... FULL of crafty loveliness! On this particular night, I had all these rhinestones in fun jeweltones. However, the paper I picked didnt' match. I know, I know, you probably would have never noticed... but it would have driven me crazy to not admit it.

I had a set of stickers, but didn't have all the letters I needed. SO, I used the white/black packaging and cut around them. Really I guess the final product isn't so bad. I just wish it matched better. But, actually the kid is so cute, probably no one except the bunch of you will ever know my secret!

I LOVE this one!

I keep a pile of scrap papers on my desk pushed over to the side. I dont' throw much away! I liked all these colors and wanted to use some vibrant pastels. So... I just started hand cutting circles. Some projects have to be taken downstairs because my kiddos will not let me be away from them !
So I like to have little projects available to me that I can keep on my nightstand and just take upstairs and assemble when there is time. I will also cut up letters out of cardstock or trim letter stickers. I will aloso ink edges or work on mini books in such a manner.

I wanted to use these little glitter stickers, so.... here we have it.
I used the scalloped paper again and used mostly wallet sized photos. Know what I really like about this layout? The heavy black line around the edge. I know, I am weird!
Just remember, I don't do an actual baby book per se, so my scrap pages serve as my kids' memories of their childhood. I put all my letters to them, details of their little lives, and highlights of their personalities.
I really, really like to use different sized pictures. When I order pics, I just throw in 8x10's, 5x7's, wallets and 4x6's . Then, as I am so inspired to scrap certain pics, they are there for the taking and the different sizes keeps things interesting! It don't get much easier than this! A picture and a strip of text detailing Gabbi's first experience with baby food.
The clear/black "Gabbi" in the corner was printed on transparency. I love that stuff!

These are 4x6 pictures that I trimmed down on the edges to make them all fit. I liked them all. Couldn't decide. So they all made the "cut". Pardon the pun!

Easter Bunny brought me this cool paper pad with nothing but initials in the whole thing. I thought it was pretty neat ! I LOVE bright colors on black paper.
I had this pile of pics that I hadn't put in any particular spot yet (old ones), so they were fun to look through and just nab one I felt like working with. Then, on black paper, I , obviously, just picked all different sized colors and letters fo the title.
I also have these fun scalloped borders that come many to a pack. I wanted my words to stand out a little more, so I surrounded them with these scalloped strips.
Ok, so there are a few more for inspiration! Keep them in mind when you get your scrap kit and want to get busy. I definitely use other people's layouts for my ideas! I cut out some favorites and keep them handy and I also have LOTS Of magazines that I keep near my work space.

Seriously, I will post pics of girls tomorrow! I just took a gazillion pics of these layouts this weekend and determined to use them! Have fun! And Denise Bell, didn't hear from you. DId you want a scrap kit or jewelry?!

Happy Thursday. Melanie


MLP said...

Love your scrappin'!

Hey, did you ever receive your printed out blog book from!? I need to order mine. Been meaning to ask you and Lindsay 'bout that.

Beth E. said...

You do an awesome job with your scrapbooking. I don't have a creative bone in my body! I admire your cleverness and creativity. :o)

ThinkPink said...

Lovin' these scrappin' idears, Mo! Thanks for sharing with us. You have just helped me sooo much with my scrapbooking (in which I have lots of supplies but ummmm.... absolutely no, not even 1, layout put together). Because I always get so caught up in the organization and should I do a book for this occasion or that time period or whatever. Had a yard sale last weekend and de-junkified.... organizing craft room this weekend and getting started.... in no particular order.... just gonna decide on 2 or 3 big books to throw everything into and do it!

kate523 said...

I'm starting to get inspired.... I have to get past of few things first. Like cleaning out the basement so I have room to play!

I love the ideas!


Sarah said...

Hi! I was just many scrapbooks have you made? I am soooo impressed with your time management skills!

Sarah - SLP in AR

Sparks said...

love them all! they are almost getting me excited to clean back out my office/craft room. I said almost!! I am pregant afterall, so I need to safe my energy! You know to use with the endless supply of energy my twins have. But I'm so tired of packing everything up when I'm done working, just takes to long.

I just got my new kit yesterday and I love it. Can't wait to see what you do with those pages!! So excited! Thanks!

Anna Lea said...

Hey! Love all the ideas, but can you PLEASE take a picture of your inker thing you use to distress the edges of the pages? I want one but I have no clue what to look for.
-Anna Lea

snekcip said...

I'm with ANNA LEA (please show us another picture of the "inker"! I was trying to scroll back to the post where you photograph some of your "tools" but had NO LUCK! So can we have ONE MORE PIC...PRETTY PUH-LEASE (yes, PUH LEASE!)

Kimmy said...

Mo, just curious. You talk about taking your pics to Walgreens, have you thought of getting a photo printer so that you can print them at home in different sizes?

Juli said...

you are a great scrapper and a FAB journaler! Your handwriting rocks....can you journal on all my pages if i send them to you?

Denise said...

WOW!! I was computer-less for a few days, and when I finally got back online and checked Mojoy I was blown away by all those scrapbooking pictures! What a fabulous job you do, Mel. Your talent is, well, just plain 'ole AWESOME. And your adoption scrapbook was especially notable. I've ordered your latest scrapbooking kit so I will be needing plenty of pointers which I hope to get from those photos.
Oodles of hugs, Denise
P.S. Your kiddies are just the cutest!!

Jen said...

I love of all the ideas. It just makes me want to scrap every picture I've ever taken. The new scrap kit came the other day. I'm so in love. When I looked through the papers, when I found the one, it made me want to take a picture of a Tootsie Roll Pop so I could ask the age old question, "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?" Is it just me?

Mindy said...

Love the layouts! I'll be liftin' a few myself. Yep, those be American Crafts albums and FYI to the peeps....they are half off at Hobby Lobby this week if you can find 'em!

I've always worked by the "feel" method. I work on whatever I feel like in the moment. I may finish it and I may lay it down and come back to it next month.......doing 15 other projects in between.

I'll be ordering the kit tomr if there are any left. I'll drool over Mandy's on Saturday until I get mine.

Oh, I got my package yesterday. You did too much! Thanks!

Mary said...

Hi - I'm sooo excited I received my second scrappin' kit that you've put together....remember the fall one is still "safe" waiting for the video..ha ha ha But I got my kit and was all excited but I didn't get the ringed 6 x 6 book. I just checked the Etsy and indeed it said I was to get a ringed book. Can you send me the book when you have time because I want to get right to work on this one...ha ha ha. that's a JOKE...take your time. I'll put it with my other million supplies.

I love the idea of doing this in no particular order because I"m always like ok Kim is going to be 17 and I'm only finished kindegarten..and now she drives....and will be going to college but in my book she's FIVE. I'm also going to develop my photos and have them ready and you're right we have time for the things we want to do.

You're an inspiration!

Thanks for everything!