Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Monroe Motor Speedway. Start urrrr injuns.

Go speed racer. Go speed racer! Go speed racer, goooo!
Would you look at how COOL this dude is?! Todd just hates having his picture taken! On this particular night, we were on our way out to our local racetrack, the one that has been here a year and we have never visited. We just aren't really that into car races! Oh well... to each his own.

Anyway, Todd decided to "pose" a few times for me in the car on the way there. This is apparently his "very cool" face! THink Steve McQueen, John Wayne, and Clint Eastwood. Just so cool! We went to our favorite convenience store to meet up with our BFF's. It is our "special place". HEeeeeere's Johnnye. We tend to go everywhere with them. Even the car races that none of us knew we liked. It was a family affair. We all took the kids. Well, not we "all". Todd and I left our itty bitties home with Masson. We decided to have an adult night out. We haven't had many of those lately! I couldn't take my eyes off that pink car! It was definitely my favorite! This is apparently the most poplular "class" (?) is that right?! And there was this one. And this one?! ANd then they invited people onto the track with their actual cars. As in the ones they came in and were out in the parking lot. Can you say RED-NECK?! But, I will admit, I wanted to be out there! We were given tickets to this event and they were up in the box suites. I think that means balcony! Here we are, soaking up the luxury! At some point in the night, Todd decided to jack with me and took my camera, flipped it upside down and took this picture. He is weird!
And then I catch him in these cute little moments where he is kinda cute.

As the night went on, and the drinks continued (note that I have now gone down to the Pit Stop Gift Shop and bought myself a Monroe Motor Speedway visor!!), we started really, really having fun! This is Paula, Lisa and I out on the balcony. They are the normal ones. I, on the other hand.... well, didn't I mention the "adult night" out?!

And I think I must have really been into the races as the night wore on. Do I look like really really serious? I am kinda that way with my legend class car races.
If you want to know how bad it got... check out my snack at the end of the night. If you didnt' read the story, you might just think I was showing you a pile of vomit. Sorry. Just sayin'! As it turns out... it was a funnel cake with strawberries and whipped cream on top. Ummmm!!
HOpe to go back to the racetrack soon. It was fun! Who knew?!
Well, that's all I have to say about that! Melanie


Our Journey said...

I need to go out to the race track! Everytime we pass it we always say were are gonna go but never do--they are having that school bus derby thing this weekend--or maybe it was last weekend!

You got all serious with you Monroe Speedway hat haha!!

Glad yall had a good time! See ya soon!

Crystal said...

Lets go!! We have not been yet either. I'm ready for just about anything. (especially the BEACH!!!)

Kristin said...

Well, it is now official. I am the only female in the world who has not been to the racetrack. Oh well.

Anonymous said...


Tell Todd that Talladega is this weekend and yall can hi tail it over here and get some more of that racin' action! Rubbin's racin', ya know?!

I don't know what's funnier, the funnel slaush or the diet coke next to it! Ha!

Glad you got to have an adult night out! A few drinks and some "real" fun! You mean there's life outside sippy cups and toddler talk? What?@#$% Maybe I need to come to WM for an adult night out!:)

Bj said...

Well, I am so glad you guys had some fun with your BFF's....everyone needs that! There is nothing in the world like good buddies to spend time with. I have never been into "race-tracks" either Mo....too much noise fer a great day kiddo!..........huggers, BJ

^BJs^ mamaw forever said...

Looks like everybody had a good time! I love dirt track racing...and i'm with you Mel...I want to be out there on that track! Of course i don't mean in my own car, i want to race!!!! LOL

Tammy said...

I can't believe ya'll have never been, you'll have to come to Fort Worth and check out Texas Motor Speedway! Talk about some rednecks, lol! Looks like you had a goodtime! You sure have a cute Todd there!

breanna said...

good times...i'm now having flashbacks of childhood weekends spent at twin city drag races!

Anonymous said...

okay, yes the funnel cake looks like vomit but what is hilarious is the diet coke next to it rofl! I was never into racing, can't watch it on tv but live watching it is totally different, you can really get into it. Love the pic of you concentrating very hard with that sweet hat on backwards lol. When Tod took his pic of himself upside down how many drinks had he had? hahaha

Sonya said...

I am so glad you guys went to the race track!! Lots of fun huh?!? My son races and we ran at Monroe last year...thought about your family while we were there. Really cool track!! We race go-karts and Bandeleros. Who said being a redneck wasn't fun!!!

Shannon said...

Never been either, but it appears it was fun!!! Don't look at it like a funnel cake, think of it as a waffle, there see, just made it a little healthy.

Tammy said...

The best part of racing is not the actual races, but the fun you have with your friends while you are there, the excitement in the air. Glad you had fun!

snekcip said...

That funnel cake looks delicious!! Oh how I love funnel cakes! Only I will go to our local annual fair to pay an 8 bucks entrance fee just so I can get my FIX of funnel cake!! Yeah I know, crazy huh....but man it's worth it! I have never seen the FC bedecked in strawberries though! Oh how DELICIOUS LOOKING!!!

Don't know if I can muster a day at the "tracks"! We have a MONSTER TRUCK event in our area every year and I swear to you, you can hear those ROARING ENGINES for miles!! NO THANK YOU!!!!

Rhonda said...

Did you notice that there is a Diet Coke beside the funnel cake??!! That's greatness!

Adult nights are just down right FUN sometimes! We all need them!! Glad you and Todd the Bod got to have some grown up fun!!

Kim said...

While I absolutely LOVE seeing your precious girls....I really enjoyed this post!!

What better adult night out than at the local short track!! My brother and sister both race at our local short track ~ Kalamazoo Speedway....the fastest 3/8 mile track in the U.S.! My brother actually holds the track record!! They both started racing go karts at the age of 10, and graduated to stock car racing about 18 years ago (this makes year number 29 racing for my brother and year number 26 racing for my sister!) My brother drives a car that looks somewhat like those of the *pink* car in your photos (called late model at our track)....and my sister drives what is called a modified! I work at the track!! Great, great FUN!! So glad you enjoyed your first outing to the race track!!