Thursday, April 16, 2009

Girly girls on Wednesday.

See if you can name the people in this post. Crystal (of MMPT glory), Masson (babysitter extraoidinaire), and Pam (Masson's mom), Melanie (supermodel), Ellie (Hellcat) and Gabbi (Sweet, sweet angel)


Anonymous said...

My favorites! That clippee Gabbi is wearing is so cute! Ellie is sassafras in that big ole bow! Their outfits are both t-total precious!! I think Gabbi is starting to actually look like Ellie. Don't you just love this warm weather and all your pretty flowers? Keep em coming!

Beth E. said...

These pictures just bring happy tears to my eyes! *Sniff*

It is such a JOY to see those precious little girls, watching them grow up right before our eyes. They are adorable! The pic of Ellie holding the little bouquet of flowers just about did me in. This is definitely a two-hankie post! LOL


MLP said...

HOLD ME!!! I love these pictures, the darling girls in them and the precious outfits!

Hey...have you received a package from me?!? Say it is so.

Rhonda said...

I'm not sure if I'm crazy, but I don't see any pics of Supermodel Melanie in this post??

Love all the beautiful outdoor pictures! Of course, the pretty subjects make it even better! Gabbi's monogrammed hair clip is way cute!

I'm sure glad you are BACK in the blogging mode! I missed you and thoroughly enjoy getting my daily dose of Ellie and Gabbi!!

jag said...

BEAUTIFUL! Little, beautiful, geniuses!

a_manda said...

Where did you find that delicious hair clip of Gabbi's? Please let us in on your secret!

By the way, "Oh where, oh where has my little Staci gone? Oh where, oh where can she be?" Hope the JOR planning is going well.

Jennifer said...

I love love love Gabbi's barrette! Etsy, right?! I'm going to have to find that store and order one of those for ole' Savannah!

Debbie said...

Beautiful pics!! Keep them coming!! I love the one of Ellie with the flowers.

Have a great weekend!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean