Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt at Staci's 2009

This is what we did Saturday. This is John. He was the egg hider, extraoidinaire! And I should also mention Zach, AND myself! You think hiding 800ish eggs would be not such a big deal. Welllllll... it is! We were to the point of just bowling those eggs all around the ground in all directions.

Oh my gosh. THis is the cutest kid! Seriously! And these three. I can see this being Maddi, Ellie and Gabbi Girl in a few years. Emma in middle, with Kylie and Anna Claire on the sides. This is a motley crew. When the hunt was over, they decided to THROW the eggs at each other in a friendly game of "tag" and "who can give each other a concussion with a hard boiled egg." Precious!
I don't really know why , but Staci and Veronicia decided they would throw a big Easter bash this year. So, they started checking out all things Martha and made the cutest little things, only to have this one... wake up with a raging case of nose/sinus funk!
She was NOT a happy camper. But she tried to hang in there. I mean, it is hard not to, when you get home from the Weekend clinic and getting a SHOT to see THIS in your backyard! The smart mom remembered to bring fun little things for Gabbi to also enjoy her time at the party. THis is Robin, of MMPT and blog follower, discussing world policy with Gabbi.
And these old crows just hung around the outdoor grill as they always do, probably discussing something important like ....ummm.... I can't think of anything they'd talk about that would be important!
The crowd grew as the burgers and hotdogs came off the grill. Todd a) thinks we live here. b) thinks this is HIS grill and c) is the ONLY one he thinks should ever touch this grill!
I was laughing at Don as he sat there "resting". He said, "hey, take my picture. It looks like Todd is my personal chef." Just as I postured to take the picture, Todd leaned over and actually wiped the sweat from Don's brow. Lord have mercy! He made these little miniature burgers that the kids loved. They patties were about 2" across. They were so cute. You know, as cute as a hamburger can be! So, the day started with the little kid hunt. These were the little squirts and the section for them to hunt was small. Note far right... the curly headed kid in brown without a supervising parent! SHe is so self-sufficient. Actually, her PawPaw was close behind with camera in tow!
She really could have done this by herself. She definitely "got it" when it came to picking up the eggs and placing them in her bucket. If it looks like a purse, she is all over it!
She thinks she is about 12. You should have seen her chasing after those "big girls". She just ran after them rather they had time for her or not!
Here is a little campling of Veronicia and Staci's tables. The chocolate bunnies were for prize egg winners.
This is Robin's son, Jackson. He DID NOT want anyone touching his eggs! He had a really big stash, and I think he had them memorized! Look at the care he is taking to keep them all tucked in place in his bucket.
And then came time for the BIG KIDS. LOOOOOOK OUT!
The eggs were probably spread over about 2 acres.
Steven Spielberg didn't have nothing on this crew. There were cameras flashing everywhere. But, we all knew that a big thunderstorm was coming on Easter Sunday, so this would probably (and turned out to be) the only hunt many would have this year!
And there she is... Little Miss Big Shot down there with the big kids looking for eggs. See her in the brown?! "Hey, kids, wait up! Wait on me. Hey emma. It's me, Ellie!"
Robin's middle chld, Lydia, found one of the prize eggs.
Emma Claire found the other. They were pretty pumped!
This is Veroinicia's niece, who gets the, "I drove the farthest for the egg hunt" prize... all the way from Houston!
There was a station just for dyeing Easter eggs. It was a hit. As was the cookie decorating station. Emma kinda went berzerk with the sprinkles! Cousin Maggie enjoyed this area too! And just so we cover all cousins while we are at it... this is Masie, enjoying her some fun with the sweetest little angel here. And then there is Cousin Madison who seems to just love babies, and who is my newest employee at MMPT. Part time and in our new Monroe clinic. And you know, I am forever looking for a "sign" from Jake. And you know I love it when I see it! I especially love when he says hello on a holiday. I sat down at the computer in Staci's den, and this is what I saw. I mentioned to someone sitting behind me that Jake always says, "hello", and pointed out that it was the 11th. I said, "In fact, where is a clock? I'd bet it is "11" something." I am not even lying when I tell you that IF I am talking about it, it IS! ANyhoo, at the bottom of the computer, I saw this... 1:19! (add it up!) Hey Jake! Now let me introduce you to a few of our visitors. First, this is our youngest guest, Madison, who is, I think, is 2 1/2 months old.
And this is one of Staci's BFF's from high school, Jennifer, who came over from Shreveport for the bash. Actually, her baby girl, Andi, had a 2 year old birthday party on Easter Sunday. Yes, we did take pictures of that too! Andi has two big sisters, Abby and Ava. This is Ava. I think we need a big sister. If anyone hears of a "situation", let ol Mel know. We have added a fourth bedroom to our new house plans! Hint hint.
This is Bronwyn, her daughter, Jansen, and her niece, Annalee. I think Jansen may possibly be the only kid I have met in a while who can keep up with Ellie Sue. I hope those two are NOT in the same class in school. I'm just saying!
Have I mentioned how sweet Ellie Sue is? Here she is with Aunt Bonnie. Since we have actually no blood relation, but somehow all feel like we are related, She refers to me on Facebook as "my sis in law in law". It works.
well, there was no way I was gonna see that big slide in the yard and not try it out. No way! My sister Sue is so adventurous! She was ready and rarin! Check out her expression. She LOVED it. And when we made it to the bottom, ....SHe was ready to go again. This is a STEEP ladder! She insisted on trying it. I couldn't get her up there! I had to get one of those young bucks to tote her up the ladder since they are lighter than me and they didn't need TWO hands to pull themselves up the blow up ladder. I met them at the top! And when she insisted on trying it again by herself, she seriously held up progress! A couple of our spectators... Uncle Eddie and our hostess with the mostess... Veronicia.
While Ellie was outside acting a fool...
and LOVIN every minute of it...
Sweet Gabbi Girl was inside chillin with Uncle Chris, as in brother in law in law in law, in the recliner.
And that concludes our fantastic, wonderful day of Egg huntin, burger grillin, chocolate eatin' fun!
Whew. ANother long one. I am glad the holidays are over so I can quit taking a gazillion pictures, then NOT being able to choose which ones to use. Just FYI, I took 232 at the egg hunt, so actually, I DID cull for this post. It just seems like I didn't! HOep you have a happy Tuesday. Melanie


Liloia Family said...

Gabbi is just PRECIOUS, it looks like all she does is SMILE!!! Good for her!!! Ellie looks like she had a blast at the egg hunt, she is a "pip"...all over the place keeping up with the bigger kids!! What a day, so much fun for everyone. Every day you're making wonderful memories for your family, keep up the good work!!

Our Journey said...

Those sure are great pictures!!! I am sure Staci will be finding eggs in the yard for months!!! Ellie was rigth up in the action and you can tell Gabbi was content soaking up all the attention on the inside!!!

A fourth bedroom huh?? exciting!!

Kellye Hoogland said...

WOW! What fun yall had! I love love love that picture of Lydia and her prize egg! Did you know that she is one of my precious kindergarten babies? I love her! Thanks for sharing!

MLP said...

Bring on as many pictures as you want! I will look at each and every one of them!!! Especially when they are THIS fun and THIS cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

You guys never cease to amaze me....when you do something ~ you do it BIG!! So much FUN!!

Hey Mel....that is not Ellie with *Aunt Bonnie* silly girl!!

Your babies just keep getting cuter by the day!! You are truly blessed!

Anonymous said...

You gotta be kidding...I'm the first to leave a comment? By the time I get done commenting, someone else will have beat me....dang it! I love the Easter bash. Next year, can we come? That's the way is outta be done:) Love Ellie's face on the slide and love love love the action shot! Did you get your box? Another one's a comin'. Gabbi is getttin' so big. Love all the peeps that came to the hunt and the names are killing me. Lovin all of them, but you know me and the fun names! That outfit that Emma Claire has on has gotta be the I need some of that fabric! LOVE this! But, did I ever doubt that yall would have a FUN FILLED Easter bash? NO! Go Staci and Veronica!

breanna said...

ok, WOW so much fun!!! What a Monroe clinic!? Well since mmpt Ruston has Jessi I designate myself as event planner for mmpt m/wm!! I'm having party planning withdrawls at the moment...can you tell!?it's like SO long until the next real holiday!

See you soon!! I am leaving to come tomorow evening:)get ready...

Jennifer said...

Cute cute cute!

Renee said...

I might have to move to north La. Ya'll people know how to throw a party. I'm sure the girls and all their friends had a blast.

a_manda said...

I know what you mean about going crazy with the picture taking. I just uploaded close to 300 to my Kodak account-not all Easter, but Clare's 2nd b-day and the Samsung 500 too.

Didn't know you had facebook! Too cool for words :)

It looks like not only the girls but also the adults had a fabulous Easter!

Beth E. said...

Okay, I think I want to move our family closer to yours! You guys always have such a blast.

Looks like the Easter egg hunt was a big success. The pictures were fantastic, as always. I can't get over how cute all the little ones are. Ellie, Gabbi, and Maddi are growing up way too fast.!

I hope Maddi is feeling better now. Poor little baby is sick now, too. Eighteen years old, but when they're sick they still want their mom!

Have a great week, Mel...take a break and relax a little. :o)

Amy said...

Silly Mo, that's Gabbi with Aunt Bonnie!!! And if you've added a fourth bedroom to your house plans for an OLDER child, I think you need a boy cuz those girls are gonna be in some serious trouble without a big brother to watch over them!!! Looks like a rad Easter egg hunt/party--you guys are too much fun! Come to Oregon, come to Oregon!

Kathryn said...

What a fun day! Wow!

Lisa said...

What incredible memories you are making!!

Katie said...

I do have to admit, you have some beautiful girls! Looks like y'all had a great time. I can't wait until Caitlyn starts running (oooh, what did I just say?) haha I wanted to tell you, everytime I look at the clock and see 11:11 or 1:11, anything like that, I always say hi to Jake. I think I only met him in person once but I feel like I know him a little better through you. Thanks for the advice about the straw. There are so many people out there trying to give me "directions", it's very frustrating at times. This is all new to me and I'm just trying to do the best I can. Well, thank you and keep posting!! Love those girls!

Kristina said...

Hey Mel.

I've got you beat on the picture taking. Over the weekend I took 450pictures! I've got a new camera and I was proving to my husband that yes we do need a new camera! What kind of lenses do you have? We picked a nikon 18-135 and I am pretty happy with it, but I would love to add another.


Momma and Her Doodle said...

What a great Easter! Mo the pic of you and Ellie on the slide is way to FUNNY, your an awesome Mom.. I LOVE it!


Melissa said...

Absolutely adorable!! I wish we had a huge Easter gathering like that to go to!! I should start planning one for next year right now! :)

Tammy said...

Hey Mel, go on and put up all 200 something of those easter pictures, I can never grow tired of looking at your pictures, you rock! Your girls were dressed so cute as always, I was sorry to hear Miss Maddie was'nt feeling it. I think Staci and Don's yard made a great Easter egg huntin place! And the prizes, ya'll are the bomb! Hugs from Fort Worth!

connie said...

oh i love all the pics that you took and posted on here looks like the kids had a blast hunting easter eggs and dying them too i took pics of our family get together we dont have any little ones to do egg hunts so we didnt have one just had a gathering with some good food. and oh i sent yall a email and a pic of the braclet i made with the kits i also asked a question in the email hope to hear back from yall
iam so glad yall had a great time i wil be posting pics on my blog soon
cant wait to see more pics


Our Journey said...

So I have an idea about your fourth bedroom!! You mentioned you wanted an OLDER sibling...

Is 21 years old too old?!? Let me just tell you my perks before you throw out the idea-- I love kids, I can cook, clean, would love for you to teach me crafts, had lapband so you dont have to feed me much, I work, go to school, I live in West Monroe, I could be over there in 5 min if you are ready to adopt me and did I mention I love kids!

Alright so when will the house be ready so I can move in?? This sounds like the perfect adoption solution to me!! Let me know what you think!!

**Disclamer** Mom this was all said in good fun! Yes I love you and daddy and no I do not want to be adopted!!! But I do want to come play with Ellie and Gabbi!!! :)

Robin said...

Wow!! I feel like a celebrity!! Me and My kids in there 3 times. They did have SOOO much fun!! I hope that ya'll do it next year so that the ones that missed get to come along. It was awesome... and I could feel Jake all around.

tricia said...

All I can say is WOW! I wish I were there! Looks like such fun!

Hmmmm, how much of an "older" sister are you looking for? Is over 50 too old!? LOL