Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dyeing Easter Eggs.

So where do we begin?! You KNEW we would be making a "deal" out of Easter egg dyeing. Jin is all about establishing traditions. So, perhaps, now, every Good Friday, we will be going to her house to make the eggs.
The girlies felt pretty big shot, as they were allowed actual hands-on access to the dye cups! Of course, Jin now has blue stained grout in her kitchen tile. But, hey... it is HER tradition! The blue will just make for a nice memory!
That picture of Maddi should sum up our whole Easter season. The kids were in a bit of wonderment, but I still think that next year will be even more "clear" as far as egg hunting and such.

Jin took some precaution by putting newspaper all over her kitchen floor.

Staci decided she would video. I would take pictures. Jin would supervise the show.
Gabbi pretty much just wanted to eat the newspaper.
We made bunny rabbit necklaces before we headed out. Maddi stayed over at our house for a while, so we did a "Craft". However, if you check out her wrists, you will see that only a necklace is never enough for Priss. She had on about 7 bracelets at one time, and of course, her "beads" were draped over one shoulder. Very chic!
And Miss Maddi is sporting hers. I think this picture is funny, because this is the EXACT face she makes at me when I "correct" her. I swear, it is like, "and who the hell do you think you are telling me 'no'?" Look at that blank stare. Chills to the bone! It was fun to see my girls both sitting up in an activity. Pretty cute! (and I got those cute bunny clips from.... you know it... Etsy!)
This may actually be the blue dye mishap?!

Why, yes... I believe it is! So, let's cut to something more pleasant. This would be JinJin's Easter present from the girls. The card to the right is the one we sent out to about 50-60 people this past week. It says, "You bet your keister, we love Easter. The Groves Family". Isn't it just precious. You know who made it for me. I bought some really cute envelope in all different sizes/shapes at Archivers. Do any of you have one of THOSE stores nearby? Duuuude. I am SO glad I don't ! I bought these in Boise recently. They are 4x4 square. I just love fun shaped things in the mail! Don't you?! I also try to hand address all of them every month. That is another thing that makes you want to tear into mail, don't you agree?!
I made Pops/Nana, JinJin, and DeeDee/Granddad a "brag book" out of cute little scalloped chipboard books that were at the DOLLAR counter at Michaels. A friend of mine, Jennifer, sent me a whole wad of them, and I LOVE them. I made pics of all my books for you, Jenn, and intend to send them to you soon with a check to cover my "tools".

Here is little Gaggi Gull. (aka Gabbi Girl).And Big britches... I don't know what she is planning. Maybe her next move! Be afraid. Very afraid!
Check out Maddi in the background writing on her egg. These two are gonna work at NASA someday. That is, if Harvard lets them go without bringing them on staff!
Here she is again. Under JinJin's direction.And Ellie starts to jot down a poem on hers. Show off!
See? JinJin is stunned! She didn't know she had such a broad vocabulary and that she was so adept at haikus!
Ok, so whose kid do you think this is?! She thinks this is just what you do! You see a camera, you go stick it in someone's face.
IN this case, Gabbi's! ANd then, of course, you check out your work! And think of your Photoshop potential! I must say, Gabbi was a sitting duck there, just being so cute and ASKING to be photographed! Oh no she din't have to go and put it in her mouth. Awwwwww....WHAT?! Did she pick the egg that said, "Gabbi"? HOW do you get two girls with such staggering intelligence?! How?! We did the very boring, plain ol' Paas eggs. We had tattoos to add, but, ummmmm.... NO! These are just awesome!

We had one more bucket to deliver, so we jumped in the car to head to Masson's (our babysitter).Another Easter egg dye has come and gone. Wait til you see what we DID with those eggs. Plus another 700 or so. Easter egg hunt at Staci's!!! More details tomorrow!
Bye y'all. Happy Easter!! Melanie


Our Journey said...

Love the pics! Gabbi looks so grown up sitting up and all!! You and Staci have got to have the smartest girls ever! Cannot wait to see the pics from Staci's!!

Nana said...

Oh! These are the cutest pictures EVER....I love those expressions...Those three little girls are so precious!
Hey...we DO have an Archives very near...IKEA, too...and anything else you could want...When you want something from Archives, let me know and I will get it....
Happy cute!!

tricia said...

Thank you sooooooooo much for sharing! love the commentary that accompanied the pics. Had me laughing! Hope you day was fun

Beth E. said...

Awwww...these photos are so sweet. I got a hoot out of the girls' colored fingers. LOL Been there, done that with our two when they were little.

Looks like you put together some great Easter pails for everyone!

Looking forward to reading about the Easter egg hunt. :o)

I have never even HEARD of an Archives...shoot, I have to drive over an hour just to get to Hobby Lobby! :(

Anonymous said...

I thought we were the only fools that say Happy Easter Kiester or vice versa in your case. What a riot....
Oh no you di-int!!! You did NOT send me a card, well I'll be a betsy. I'll get over it, might need therapy because of it, but its all good. lol
Everytime you post a pic of Gabbi taking pics I just laugh my tail off. Her expressions are just hilarious. Speaking of expressions, little Ms M takes the prize...did you see the ones I posted last week of my Lucy giving me "the look," its something else I swear. So glad you all had a great time and can't wait to see the hunt pics!

Debbie said...

Great Pics Mo!! I bet JinJin had a ball with those 3 sweet granddaughters. I love being with mine, when I can. Can't wait to see pics from Staci's house. Hope all had fun and everyone was safe.

Happy Easter Grove's Family!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Robin said...

OH my goodness!! Love the pic with Maddi's little surprise face!! Loved ALL of them of course! Can't wait to see the egg hunt tomorrow!!!

Kathryn said...

Oh, I just found Archives last week! Asked Himself how important it was for us to keep all those pesky CD's, and why in the world shouldn't I cash in about 6? When I picked him up from the floor.....

Poor man is just too easy.

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful day!

RADstitches said...

So cute! And where did you get them buckets? I could not find any or maybe I showed up too late!? Happy Easter!

Kacy said...

I love the EGG FUN! We had some too Mississippi style.
Can you point me to Jessi's Etsy site? I need some banner/photoshop services and I haven't been able to find her. LOVE your garden. I'm so jealous!

MLP said...

So fun!!! That is a tradition must from now on...the girls were so cute doing those eggs!!! Especially that Gabbi! What are you going to do with that sweet, happy girl!!!

Happy Easter to you all!!!

breanna said...

Jin Jin is brave to let those girls loose with the dye!! I thought I was brave to let Elijah give it a try! Anyway...I'm coming home this week! I'm planning to leave tuesay evening after t-ball. We can definetely work on closets...we can't have those girls wearing spring clothes when they van be wearing summer clothes:) and those cute shoes gabbi had on a few posts back...I know what box they need to go in...hazels!! SO CUTE! I hope you found it's mate! See you in a few days!

breanna said...

Oh and I did get that super cute card! Now you are making me look REALLY got 2 cards on one month and I still have my stack of baby announcements on the table! I need to stop sewing and start addressing envelopes stat!

Melissa said...

Happy Easter!! I love all of the pics!
The necklaces are too adorable. I can't wait until my little girl is old enough to be into necklaces and bracelets!
Gabbi seems to have grown so much in the last few weeks!
They are both adorable!!

Kelly said...

Where did the buckets come from Mo? SOOOO cute!

Audrea said...

Your girls are too precious! They are always dressed up so cute. I just love it when Gabbi is trying to eat the Easter egg--her smile just melts my heart. Can't wait to see more pictures. Happy Day!

snekcip said...

Mattie expression is priceless! I thought My youngest daughter (when she was a toddler) had "that very same stare"! Taking her for pics was OUT OF THE QUESTION! Poor photographers would try everything to muster at least a grin......NOTHING!!! Poor kid didn't have a "SMILING PICTURE" until she hit almost 3yrs old! NOW 16yrs later, THE KID CAN'T STOP GRINNING!! LOL

Love the pics of the girls enjoying their Easter traditions!! FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!