Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Girl trip to New Orleans

Thank you to all you fine folks who have welcomed me back to the land of the living over here on my blog.  Sounds like some are interested in my business ventures (I've had a fairly drastic change in profession since I last blogged!) and some are wanting to stick with purely family adventures.  So, as was typically my blogging style, I just post some pics and start to tell the story.  Let's go ALLLLLL the way back to last weekend, shall we?  My "girls" decided to take a road trip to New Orleans.  After all, Maroon 5 was in concert! 

You may remember Paula?  My bestie since the 6th grade.  And my ride or die.   Especially when she is toting snacks like these!!  
Also on the trip were, Tashia , her sister, Tamy, and an oldie but goodie friend, Cindy.  We had actually made the plan for the trip back at Mother's Day when Tashia got 6 tickets to Maroon 5 in N.O.
We got up bright and early on Saturday morning and headed south.  As you may also recall, I take waaaaaay more pics than are needed, and so many of them I take just because they inspire me.  Like this one....
And like every awesome piece of art on the walls in The Velvet Cactus, a seriously great Mexican restaurant.
While here, we had to hook up with our buddies, Elaina, her husband, Ryan,  and their baby boy, Clark.  Elaina is Mary Allison's older sister.  They have been thick as thieves, taking care of each other since the tragic death of their mom.  I am so proud of them.
And then there was this...
Clark is adorable.  I hope he grows up and calls me Mo.
I took a selfie to send to Todd to show him that we were watching the Wisconsin/ LSU game.  By the way, he didn't go to this very important and SPECIAL game that was also played at Lambeau Field, which will never happen again.  It was like the PERFECT STORM of football games for Todd.  When he finally decided that he would not go to the game (only decided definitively the weekend before the big event), he pretty much went into mourning.  I felt sad for him.  He is a planner.  He likes to have all t's crossed and i's dotted.  He likes every detail handled.  I, on the other hand, .... well.... I will wing it!  I will fly by the seat of my pants.

I TOLD him I'd get everything covered if he wanted to make it to the game.  And I WOULD have.   He chose not to.  I told him, "Todd, most of the regrets we have in life are from the things we DIDN'T do.  Rarely are our main regrets from what we did!"  I hope he learned a lesson and might just go for it next time.  His wifey surely does.
Oh.  And I don't think I needed readers the last time I blogged.  But I do now.  And I am strangely excited!  There are so many CUTE ones!!  Like these bright orange Peepers.  1.50, in case you are curious.
Here are all the chicks with the baby.
The pretty one to the right of baby Clark is Taylor, Tashia's daughter.  She now lives in Metairie, so she got to join the old lady party.
I mean, is this a pretty family or what?
Everywhere I looked, I saw IDEAS.  I bet you I have no fewer than 500 photos in my phone (probably more actually) of things I have seen that I get inspired to go home and make!
Like these cute little bag charms.  They are basic dollar store plastic animals, bedazzled with rhinestones and such.
This would make the funnest party!  Maybe a fun retreat idea?! Lord knows I have the supplies to make this happen!
I LOVE the art in New Orleans!!  IF you haven't been there, make sure to add it to your bucket list.  And remember, you regret the chances you don't take!

There was an artist I saw down here, and I was sure I had one of their pieces at home.  Todd sent me this one from his man cave to confirm.  Yep!  It was a match.
And these.... these speckled and splattered oversize paintbrushes.  swoooon.
First night out... headed to Drago's.  I am here to tell ya.... this group did NOT miss a meal and never ate the same place twice.  I don't believe there is a place on earth that has better eatin' than N'Awlins!
I opted for the lobster with crabmeat something or another.
And by the time we were through eating, we were also about ready for a bath and BED.
This is why... we decided to go back to the hotel the long way around, through the French Quarter and down Bourbon Street.  It is a sight to be seen.
This is on a block that was not insanely crowded.
And this is not!
Our old butts made it back to the room, in our UBER, just in time for a bath and lights out.  The rest of the trip is yet to be shared.

It's good to be back, y'all!


Cassie12 said...

So glad you are back!! Love following you on face book but love more details here especially about the family!!

Beth E. said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all! Way to accessorize with your cool red glasses...must be where Gabbi gets her love for them. :-)

Zhohn said...

So glad you're back! I absolutely love the atmosphere of The Velvet Cactus! The drinks there, oh my! Those glasses are adorable. Clark is precious, I'm certain he will call you Mo!

Susantwilhelm said...

Yipee!!!! So excited to hear about your trip!

Holly said...

Made my morning! So glad you are back! I live vicariously through you! Dispite the fact I'm the same age as Jin, I want to be you when I grow up! Love New Orleans, like no place on earth!

Unknown said...

Yay! I love hearing the details of your busy, fun life. Thanks for sharing with us.