Friday, September 16, 2016


Once again, a cool video that you can't play!  Sorry.  I'll figure out that little bug before too long.  But it was made with the Boomerang app which is AWESOME!  We sent it to JinJin (a group toast!) to celebrate exactly one year since she was weaned from the ventilator!  How bout that for a thing to celebrate?!  
and then I found out about this other app...Prisma.
Since i was away from my girlies for a week, I have to find fun ways to connect with them from a few hours away.  I KNEW my oldest would think this is just coolest!
So I took one of her pics and altered it in all kinds of different ways.  Then I sent them all to her via text.
I seriously just can't decide which one I like the best.  Do you have a fave?!
Can't leave out this baby girl!
This was a pic that was in my phone of my sweet babies sending balloons to Jake.
Again, hard to decide on a favorite.
Go try it!  I upload apps all the time that someone mentions is "cool", play with them for a bit, then deleter them if they can't win on the "Keep my attention" scale!
Here we are at Mr. B's Bistro.  Delish.  I found out they are quite famous and yet, I'd never eaten there before.  If you go there, have the shrimp and grits. And BBQ shrimp!
So I am sticking with the randomness that is Melanie !  These are just next up in my camera roll order, so they get to be included.  BOY do I ever believe this one!?
and this next quote.... my babies are little, so I suppose I am always leaning toward the former, but... I have to admit, with a strength of "futuristic"(i'll have to give a whole lesson on those gallup strengths someday!!), I am always looking to the future.  Even for my kiddos!  Ellie Sue was elected Vice President of her elementary school today, and what am I already talking to her about?  What projects she and her peers could plan in the community to help others.  I mean, it is hard for me to bask in the now cause I am always onto the next thing.  Some may say that is a bad thing.  To me, it just IS.  If you've ever heard Rev TD Jakes speak on the giraffe and the turtle... well... I am the giraffe! I have a long neck and can see things that maybe others can't see yet.  It is my giftedness.
Remember those morning pics to Billy?  well... this was the first one her received from me on Day three of our great American girl trip!
Heading out on the town.  Or actually probably to dinner, take an Uber back to hotel, and bed!  Party animals!!

So... in actuality, my friends were all in N.). for the Maroon 5 concert.  So was I originally.  BUT... I had a friend and fellow John Maxwell coach, Barbara, call and ask me to be their keynote speaker in Fort Walton, FL for the Am Business Women of America.  She called a couple of months ago, and I accepted.  I LOVE pouring into the lives of women.  And I LOVE teaching people how to improve the culture of their business.
I hit the road...                         
With this as my motto!  I have a future that I am trying to create and Maroon 5 doesn't really play into  the vision I have of my life ahead.  However, speaking to and teaching business women around the country DOES!
When you know your purpose, it makes decision making all the easier!
So... here I go.  Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida!
Normally when I snap a pic of this tunnel it means one thing... BEACH!  This time it meant something altogether different.  And I am full of inspiration as I travel through it.
More on Florida tomorrow.

Thank you so much for your comments.  I think that is what I prefer about Facebook.  The immediate feedback.  Here, it actually takes more out of you to respond than just a "like" button.  But a "like" button at least lets me know you are there.  (My #1 strength per Gallup is "woo"... that means we like to CONNECT with people... lots of people!   surprised by that?
I'll admit I have enjoyed telling my stories in a bit more longhand in this medium.  I am glad Cheryl suggested I start back! She's going to send me some cupcakes!  Aren't you, Cheryl!?

Keep on keepin on.


kimybeee said...

I really thought I missed day one. I went back and looked three times! Lol lol

Pepper said...

Sounds like you had a great time.

Zhohn said...

I know Ellie must have loved the first edited pic, it seems like she would love to have pink hair! Haha. Way to go, Ellie!

Lisa said...

I'm so glad you are back! I've missed your posts!!

Holly said...

Somehow I skipped this one! I love that you keep your eye on your dreams!