Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Let's roll. EVENT PAINTING at the John Maxwell Live Event in Orlando, Florida!

Here we are... Saturday night!  And it is GO TIME!  Jessi tried to snap a panoramic photo to capture the immensity of the room.  I am not sure that one can really "get it" through these pics, but I LOVE the angle she got from her station at the side table.  This was where all the ideas, my art journal, the stencils, and the quotes got passed to me.

I was trying to keep the paintings all original.  If I'd painted in green, I tried to make sure that I went a new direction.  I even thought about the color wheel while I was up there, and used complimentary colors to make the paintings "Pop" against one another.  If one was done with gesso and paint, the next one was primarily decoupage of John's book pages.  And then, I'd swing back to heavy stenciling.
I used a lot of water bottles and sprays to keep the visual interest of "what in the world is about to happen" as I was painting.
I also really, really, really loved using my fingers as I smudged gel sticks and inks on the edges or borders of shapes on the layouts.
As I think I mentioned earlier, I had NO idea what I'd be painting.  I waited until I felt the timing was right, and I turned and started putting paint to paper.  And I'd "feel" what I felt was the prodding of the Holy Spirit with regards to color and technique.  That is intuition.  And I am learning more and more how to listen to it and follow it!
It was interesting to be asked so often, "are you nervous?"  or "are you scared?", cause well, NO... I never was!  I was EXCITED.  I was ANXIOUS!  I was READY.
And as Paul Martinelli spoke to in one of his private sessions, I was WILLING!  Ready and Willing!

I tried to capture all the feeling and emotion and key words that the speakers sent out in my paintings.
Outside the main hall, Jessi and I set up a Creation Station.
Here people were invited to come and try their hands with stencils, stamps, paints, decoupage, inks, and paints.
I think it is part of my purpose in life to SHOW people that they ARE CREATIVE!  We all are creative!
It was so fun to see people using art as self expression.  And to see them feeling like they WERE ARTISTS!!
We helped a couple of hundred people make projects that they could proudly take home as a free make and take.
I LOVE that the John Maxwell Team allowed me to help so many people experience a new art and footed the bill for the supplies to make sure that they got to try a huge myriad of techniques.
Jessi made this cool sign on her Silhouette.  A gifl walked by and said, "Hey, that's my font".  Jessi said, "Are you KC?"  (or KG or something?!)  Jessi went all fangirl when she realized that the person who had designed the actual font she chose (and tells me that she frequently chooses), was right there in front of her.  They posed together.
And I think Jessi might have this one blown up and put on her desk.  Trust me, I get it.  I go all fangirl on art celebrities too!  Have I mentioned that I ate breakfast next to Mary Englebreit one time?   Yes, yes I did!
Trust me when I tell you that we were WHIPPED when that day was over!!  This is the final picture of me of the day.  I now have removed my kimono, whipped my hair up into a messy buy, and have found some CHOCOLATE!  I am lying on the floor in the middle of the main hallway, smack on my stomach! And Jessi and I were T.I.R.E.D!!  But we needed to go rest up, cause we were going to do it all over again the next day!
I'll show more tomorrow.
(Yes really... I am currently sitting in a chair next to my mama in the ICU with multiple blood clots in her leg and now even in both lungs, right in a critical area... so I WILL be blogging, as I can't go anywhere, and a computer in my lap is in my near future!  Please send up a little prayer for my mama if you will. )
Love you all.


Mama J said...

Very proud of you and Jessi and what you brought to the event. Amazing and powerful!

My prayers remain with Jin Jin and the physicians treating her.

Father, I come to you asking that you heal this sweet lady and get her back on her feet to her family who adores her. Be with Mel and Staci and her family as they stand with her. This family needs your healing powers, but you already know that as you know everything and we trust in your infinite wisdom. Amen

Zhohn said...

Awesome! What a treat for the guests to be able to take something home.

Praying for Jin Jin!

SamC said...

Praying for your Momma.

Susantwilhelm said...

Praying for Jin Jin --

Lisa said...

Keeping Jin Jin in our prayers.

Tori said...

Prayers for Jin Jin and her medical team!

Unknown said...

I hate to hear Jin Jin is having medical issues. She and your family are in my prayers and thoughts.

Cherry said...

Praying for Aunt Jinnie....

Sam said...

Praying for your mom and for you too!

Mbeaty19 said...

When I saw your FB post about painting at the JM event I knew the story would be good. What an amazing opportunity and awe inspiring experience. Love that you allowed the spirit to guide you and I'm sure you capture many great moments and quotes. Then to offer the chance to others to create makes it even more incredible. I love following your journeys (especially all the great JM meetings) because of you John Maxwell books have become a large part of my reading list . Growing from his books and your insights had really helped to direct my journey of Growth (my word this year).

Prayers and positive thoughts continuing for Jin Jin (and all of you) she's a strong woman and a fighter so I know Gods plan it great. Sending healing vibes and virtual hugs to all.

Becky said...

Prayers for Jin Jin and your entire family. I'm not on fb,(or snapchat) so haven't heard an update. Hope things have improved since your post. BELIEVE!

nss said...

Many prayers for all of you!!

Becky said...

praying for Jin Jin. I only get my updates here so I hope all is going well

Denise A said...

Hope all is well. Can you please post an update on how Jin Jin is doing? I know a lot of people are wondering.

The Mommy said...

Love reading your posts. Always inspiring or bring a smile to my face!