Monday, June 22, 2015

Ellie Sue's dance recital.

Hard to believe that I haven't even post about my darlings' recitals!!  This year, we had two!  First up was Ellie Sue!
She's in her best bud's dance class, so they get to enjoy this fun, celebratory day together.

One new thing that was implemented a few years ago was that mamas were not allowed to be backstage during the recital.  I, for one, LOVE that rule!!  Miss Linda hires college girls to come and see to it that every kid has every headpiece tap tie, lacy glove, and bobby pinned bun perfectly in place.

So, I came back, gave my girls  a little sugar, and headed back out to my spot in the audience.  My hard fought seat in the 10th row.  Talk about some serious action... trying to get a primo spot in the audience with back to back recitals!!
This is Miss Ella Kate.  She lives right across the street from us.  She's a year younger than these two divas though.
Madi be like, "Yo!  You photo bombing, Isabella, or what?!".

Might as well welcome her on in to the group!!  Isabella has been in class with Madi and Ellie Sue since they were all three years old.
This is the first year Ellie has three dances and an actual costume change.  This is pretty big stuff!!  Look at the jazz shoes.  YEP!  She had a JAZZ dance.  And anyone who has a little girl in dancing knows that this is a coming of age thing!!

I snapped a few pics while she was onstage.  (second from end below)
Can you find miss Hotsy Totsy?!
And would you look at this!?  A real live ballerina costume!!
I personally think this is the style of dance where she most excels.  But, I think she'd prefer I say that about hip hop.  :(

Yep.  I had less than an hour between this recital and Gabbi's recital. So, as soon as this one was over, I was in that dressing room, taking all of one's costumes out to the car asap, and collecting flowers and gifts and getting another one's bun put on top of her head as fast as I could.
Glad these two get to do so many of these important things together as kids!!  They'll have lifetime memories!


kimybeee said...

So sweet!! I think Ellie sue was the best one lol

Zhohn said...

They'll be best of friends for life :) I can't believe how big these girls are getting!!

Becky said...

I miss your updates on here, are you no longer blogging?