Sunday, May 10, 2015

Craft or Crash... which will it be?

After dinner the first night, everyone was given a choice... craft or crash!  And would you believe not one person staying at my house chose to crash?!  Even though some of them had been up since around 2:30am catching early flights!!  

Suzy had a really cute project ready for us.  We painted these florals which we called Paint Happy.  In fact, that top left one is Miss Ellie Sue's and the hot pink one is Gabbi's.  Soooo... it was not that difficult a project.  I hear all the time, "I'd love to come to one of your retreats, but I just don't have a creative or artistic bone in my body!".  Puh-leeze!  The activities we choose are almost impossible to fail at!  
 Here are Lisa and Nancy painting with the black glue to highlight their floral shapes.
 Honestly, the messier the better!
 I'm not sure whose this one is, but if you'll notice, Suzy provided some basic instruction on the florals and gave several ideas for flower shapes, and then we were off to the races.

 I had a BLAST with this project.  First off... I wasn't teaching it, so I got to be a student, and it was the bomb!  Second, I LOVE a project where messy and not all that "perfect" is encouraged!!  That is totally my style.
 I am not sure how Amy was feeling about the messy!!  Her project turned out awesome, but look at that lip!  Amy?!  You needing a little more control?  NOPE!  Not with glue paint!!  AIn't gonna happen.
 There ya go, girl... let it go!  Be free.
 I know tow kids who were most definitely ready to CRASH after a long day of school, ballgames, and fraternizing with the guests!
 Totally cracked me up that Gabs went to bed with her fake glasses on.  She even woke up the next morning saying, "Heeeey!!!  Where are my glasses?"  I took them off when I went to bed.

 Oh.  Did I happen to mention we had pretty awesome name tags?!  These are miniature canvases.  I thought they turned out so cute!!
 And here ya have them... our finished projects.
 Talented group, eh?!
Starting to put together details for a beach retreat, possibly in July.  Stay tuned.  (If you are interested, email me at, so I will be sure to send you details.)



Amy K said...

I'm always a little unsure of myself in the beginning, but really enjoyed this!!! I loved the "sketchy" look of this painting! I want to try it again with black puffy paint. I think the dimension will look awesome, too.

Kathryn said...

I love this project. Would you please make this an online tutorial? I think this is just fantastic!

I do so miss your tutorials.