Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter Bunny at the beach. That's a first.

This was a first!!  I am very big on tradition!  And tradition says the Easter Bunny comes to our HOUSE!  But... it's not every year that the Easter break and spring break coincide... soooo... we had to deal with it and head to the beach.  Would you believe it?!  The EB knew we were here, and he left the girls a basket full of goodies!!  
If you recall, last year, the EB left a big ol' Bunny piñata!  And that was pretty cool.
The year before, there was a tape maze all over the den and kitchen, and each girl had to follow their respective colored tape to find the things that were meant for each of them.
This year, the EB wasn't quite as creative.  But, he apparently did the best he could with what he had!
Each girl had a trajectory coming from her basket showing her the direction to go to find her Easter eggs and other goodies.
The girlies seemed to enjoy the hunt.  And we had lots to get to later that morning anyway!

I bought a single little chick to use as our Easter decoration at the condo.  Anyone who has followed this blog for any time knows that I am a DECORATING fool for holidays!
This is the initial reaction when they realized the EB had found us!
And this is capturing the egg hunt in progress.

They seemed to enjoy it, and that's what was important to me.  Well, that.. and that we got to go to church to remember why we really celebrate Easter.

I'll be posting pics of our very unique church service next.  As you can see, Ellie was already dressed.  I got up, and let them just go through their normal getting ready for church routine.  (which by the way, includes Gabbi NOT getting dressed in any kind of hurry whatsoever!!).
I think it was Ellie who first meandered into the den and saw the bounty!!  I wondered how long it'd take them!
I actually think they sort of doubted that the EB would make it to a place different than their house!
Ha!  Surpriiiiiiissse!  The Easter Bunny knows everything!!  He can find you anywhere.
More on Easter church service tomorrow.  (I hope.)



Zhohn said...

You make every holiday so much fun! Can't wait to hear about the church service there.

Mama J said...

Looks to me as if the Easter Bunny left Florida with a bad back. He had a lot of loot to leave for those babies! Sweet!

Holly said...

Looks like the perfect Easter!