Monday, March 2, 2015

And that's a wrap, folks. No mo beads!

Thanks, Holly!  That was pretty good insight as to why my energy does actually sometimes wain when considering how/ where to spend my energy.  As for tonight, I'll keep on trucking on the blog!  But yes... COMMENT and let's connect! 
Last day.  I had one more opportunity to find my mama a fake CZ ring like she requests every year.
Haha.  I wish it was untrue.  But that is always her sole request!
So once inside the tent, I got a little distracted by this totally awesome corner of nothing but jewelry tools.  AAhhhh... The fields are alive....
And sorry, JinJin... I got a little more distracted by all these wonderful scarves.
Somewhere right about here, I had to text her and admit that I couldn't find her the big bling she was wanting.  I mean, just one little thing... and there's not one to be found in this HUGE tent!
So, I went out back.  There were about three more big humongous tents, so I though maybe they'd have one.
Wait.  What's that?  Wood bowls?!
And furs?
ANd buffalo knuckles?!  Mom, I mean, seriously.  How could I possibly not be distracted by these?
And elk ribs and buffalo ribs.
And Elk and buffalo legs and elk knuckles and toes.
WHY would someone want these things?  Please advise if you understand this.
Maybe just to say, "Hey, you know what I have?  An elk knuckle!  You got one?"
I actually COULD imagine some fun things that might could be done with these skulls and horns, i.e. displays for jewelry and such... but I COULD NOT imagine how in the world I'd get them home.
Anytime there is colorful fabric, I am all over it!
Jessi and I have been coming to this show for a couple of years now, but we never went out back to see that the tents actually go on and on and on.  I was shocked.
Complete with food court.

The time was running out on my last day, and I STILL haven't gotten JinJin's prize.
Wait!  Is that more colorful fabric?!
And what the what?  A frappucino!?
Yep.  Things are just going from good to great.
No CZs, but these totem poles rocked!
I bought these for Jessi and Staci as souvies.
And that, my friends, is the end of Tucson 2015!
I opened up that sunroof that I didn't even realize I had and hit the road to get a little dinner.
This is a lobster something?  I can't remember.  What was it, Crystal?!  Help a sister out.  I know that it is usually a sweet dish, and is one of the best things I've ever eaten in my life!

This was a foodie's paradise.  I wish Todd was here to appreciate it with me.  He loves really good food.
That's it.  Tucson is history.  I only had one more little adventure on the plane ride home.  You up for one last story?!  See ya tomorrow.



Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, elk knuckles and toes eww. That may be the strangest thing you've shared lol.
Can't wait to hear about the trip home.

Mama J said...

Busted! I always read your comments because your escapades always leave me feeling happy and light hearted. I am such a lousy lurker and I read these so early in the AM, my thoughts are just not to put together. I DO appreciate your blog and the time you put into it. I learn a lot from them and love following the girls. However, I will go out on a limb and say to Jin Jin...are you S U R E there wasn't one teeny tiny CZ in ALL that stuff. Teehee

Holly said...

The sheer size of this show amazes me! I'm with you on the beautiful fabrics! I am reorganizing my house and remodeling the master bath right now. Don't know how I manage to squirrel away so much stuff! Trying to keep just what I love, but evidentially I'm a very amorous woman because I love it all! ;D That's how it got here! Not sure where elk knuckles would fit in though. Anyway, I'm having fun prowling around for new loves while the the garbage and recycling men and the Goodwill drop off employees are sick of me. Actually my husband's a little sick of me too - he hates change!

Can't wait to hear the final Tucson adventure!
Love ya,
Holly & JakeDog

Susantwilhelm said...

Bring it!

Sandi said...

My daughter took an art class locally for 7 years. One of her favorite projects in all of the years of art was when they did "scrimshaw" - an ancient art where they decorate animal bones. She painted a baby cow skull. My daughter is all girl and I thought that the idea would gross her out. But there were very few skulls amongst the bones for the kids to choose from and they did a lottery to see who "got" to paint a skull. It is an awesome piece and still on display on our bookshelf - even though she completed it years ago.

Becky said...

As usual, I feel like I have been right there with you. How I loved all the bright colors. Have fun today Mo. Becky in NC

melanie, aka Mo said...

Zhohn-may 1-3!! This is your year! Retreat!

melanie, aka Mo said...

I appreciate all your comments!! WOOers need connection! Believe it it not, I feel like we're all old friends!