Thursday, February 26, 2015

Renaissance Inn.... a favorite booth and vendor of mine.

Would you believe it if I said I haven't had my computer all week long?!  Well, it's true!!  Sarah, vouch for me, won't you?!  Sarah has been loading Power Point on my computer because I have a rockin' presentation coming up soon on how we use our strengths to create powerful teams.  I'm excited to give it, as I know the group on the receiving end is going to be blessed by it, and  there WILL be a change that will bind them more than they can even imagine!!  I am also now set up to do webinars and have conference call mastermind groups, so be looking for that, for those of you who say you'd love to come to some of my groups, but can't make the trip.  Well, very soon, you'll have a  chance to join in!

ok, now... let's go back to Tucson for a bit.  Jessi and I have a favorite booth we go visit, both because of the fun little quirky vintage things in it, but also because we love to talk to Crystal. 
She sets her booth up all funky-like too!  She gets all these vintage goodies, and then makes fun, very interesting things out of them.
I mean, look!!  Oooh lala!!  And guess what girls...
Crystal is coming to the MoZart Retreat in May!!  She is from San Diego, and will be flying into Monroe... bringing some of her fabulous things with her!!  Like this vintage rhinestone trim!!
And all of these vintage rhinestones, that I always love but then think, what will I do with them?!

Blurry pics, but Crystal took old bezels, dropped in a  cabochon of horoscopes, and then circled the space between with rhinestone trim.
I did buy a WHOLE lot of these, for those of you who are into this type of thing.
OH.  And these Frozen Charlotte dolls... Crystal has a lot of these.

These are some of Crystal's fun creations.  I have a feeling I'll be able to convince her to do a little mini teaching at the retreat in May!

I like the way she takes seemingly totally non related objects and puts them all together for funky looks.
Love this little plaque too.
And how bout this fringe made out of chain?!  And that old watch face on top!?  Lots of peeps might have an old watch face that might have special meaning to them.  That'd be cool to work with.
I loved these little cross swing away lockets.  I also like how she uses silver, brass, and copper.  She doesn't try to match metals.  I like that look.
She wire wrapped these beads with rhinestone trim in between pearls and rhinestones to make a really unique chain.
Her company is called Vintage Fairy Finds.  I think she is still operating her Etsy shop.
But if you are coming in May, you will be able to choose from lots of her cool stuff, and I'll "make" her bring lots of samples so she'll be able to inspire us as well.

She sent me away from her booth to find a killer chain stop.  I bought lots of this, so we are ready to rock and roll when it is time to make necklaces.
I passed this cute little seashell booth.  Of course, as I do EVERY year, I buy for that surefire beach retreat I am going to have!!  And this year was no difference.  Look at this driftwood wind chime.
I loved so many of these shells.
But I am ALWAYS a sucker for black and white.
This is my little tray.
And this dude's work.  I mean. WHOA!!
He hardwired all these awesome shells together for collar like necklaces.
I think they're gorgeous, but not sure I could ever wear one of these suckers.
I don't do well with weight around my neck!
UGH!!  Look at the amount of work that went into this piece.  EVERY single bead was individually wire wrapped onto the others.
I'd never really make these, but when he ok'd me to take pics, I knew I'd be sharing them on my blog with you, so I shaped several.
Now this... yea.  WE could make this!!
There are a few fine artists there as well.  This lady's work was a little out there, but really good.
ANd i had to ask this dude to let me take a selfie with him.  I wonder how often he gets that request!
And one more stop for religious medallions and coins, and I was about out the door.
(Here's a better shot of the one I tried to take above!)
As the sun set in Tucson, I just thought about how blessed I am.  I ventured across the country on my own, had so many fun adventures, met so many fun people, learned new things, and now I have a friend from here coming to MY retreat in a few months.  That is the bomb!
Tucson was good to me this year.
But that doesn't mean it's over!!  More to come tomorrow!!


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