Thursday, February 19, 2015

Oh my WOW!! Deliciousness at the Doubletree.

Let's continue, shall we?!
So, like I've previously mentioned, every booth has its own lava!!  I liked that this lady was so passionate about the raw and rare stones/ minerals that she had found from all over the world.  I bought two different kinds, and of course, at this very moment I can't even recall what I bought.  But, she was so passionate, she talked me into them!  See, people?!  There's a lesson here!!  Passion gets you EVERYWHERE!

And then a TOTAL switch to simplicity... these bezels which I bought a whole bunch of which you can put your kids' art in, ....
or your mom's handwriting...
or decorate up with a few charms and some chain...
ANd they are done SO easily!!  I bought some for the retreat.  Hey, retreaters, you interested? !  We can create art to go under the glass cones or you could bring something from home that is dear to you and I could teach you to wire wrap to add embellishments.  Just a thought!

I loved these little branch pieces.  I bought a couple in all the metals... bronze, copper, silver and gold.  I bought one of the little owls too.
And how sweet is this?!  I recently bought a bunch of clay to make pendants with the parents at my clinics, but of course, forgot and didn't get them out to the waiting rooms in time, but... hey... it's the thought that counts.  Anyway, I think this could make a fun project too.
Simple design.  Easy to replicate.  Just saying.
YEp.  This too.
WE've actually made those ceramic beads in art class before at MoJOy.   Did I mention I bought a kiln? ! Yep!  And we stamped our words of the year.  HOweve,r I am TOTALLY in love with this chick's work and her overall spirit.  She's from Detroit.  I think I might even invite her down to teach us at a retreat.  I've talked to her about it for two years now, and she seems very interested!!
Look at all this yumminess.  Even though I made some myself, have several left from last year, and don't know exactly how many words I could possibly collect....
I had to buy MORE!
And oh my word, would you LOOK at these sweet houses?!  See why I need her to be in West Monroe teaching this craft?!  This is awesome sauce!!
I HAD to have one.  I have hoarded it, but want to do something fabulous with it on a necklace for wearing with plain shirts to make them artsy and fabulous!!
Suzy Ruzy, I took a pic of her booth, as I was thinking our carpenter friend might could build us a traveling display to use at festivals and such.  (We might as well just communicate here,... ya'll have no idea how much we have going on at the studio, and a blog is as good as a text in our world!)

She painted on her plain 2x4's.  Oh yeah.  I need to do this.
Well, hello there!!
On to one of my very favorite booths.  I Just LOVE color!!  And I love fabrics.  and I LOVE
This chick visits India every year to buy all this cool stuff!
And believe me when I tell you, I am glad that she does. Everything in this tent is YUMMY!!
I bought one of these wound up scarves!!
And some of this absolutely wonderful trim!!
I mean, you just can't find this kind of greatness in the states.  Or at least not in West Monroe, Louisiana!!
Wide ribbon.... Yesssss!!!
I brought enough back for me and my girls to all adorn our jeans in this manner!
IS this not the cutest?!

I had to get several kinds, cause it is just so dang hard to decide.
(Taking a break to send a selfie to Gabs who sends me emojis of kissy faces and smiley faces all day long!!)
As I mosied along, I found this booth with recycled glass and beach glass.  I loved how she'd stamped on some of them.  Yep.  Bought this for a possible retreat idea too.
Are y'all reading along?  You'd better speak up when you see something that you think would be fabulous!!  I have so much we could potentially do!!

I always go a little crazy at this booth.  Talk about a color lover's paradise!!?
But I decided I really didn't want to do a whole batch of these colorful earrings like I did last year.  They sold like hotcakes, but I rarely like doing the same thing over and over.  (In my 34 strengths, consistency is my #31... give me VARIETY, baby!!)

I went back to miss colorful pants and bought about 10 of these silk scarves as souvies for my peeps.

Just sit back and salivate!
Oh wow.  This lady enamels all her beads.  They look so glossy and wonderfuL!!
I bought some of these brightly colored headpins to wrap on things.  I have used a few in earrings, and L.O.V.E. them!!  I'll be reordering from her!!

This is ALWAYS the color stone I am most drawn to.  It's called chrysopase.  I LOVE it.
And look at all this smoky topaz, why don't ya/!
ANd coral?!  and some laboradite mixed in there?!

It was a good day!!
Since I am thoroughly loving your answers... here's another one...

This one is taken out of my 2015 planner...
How do you want your home to feel?!  Use three adjectives at most!!

I choose Lively, loving, and FUN.
(looking forward to your answers)



Tonia and Moon Griffon said...

Loving, warm & fun

In love with that wide ribbon...owned a pair of jeans from Harold's vack in the day! Ready to make some bracelets with those gawgeous medals 💕💕💋💋

Unknown said...

Love the little branches! I also really like the necklace in the pic after the heart necklace.

Warm, fun and safe. Not safe as I live in a bad place and I need to feel safe... I want others to feel like anytime they need, my home is a safe place for them.

Unknown said...

9. Definitely bezels (maybe on talisman) for loved ones handwriting!!!

kimybeee said...

Warm and fuzzy. My critters handle that for me. New puppy sleeping on my pillow now.

Loving. My husband and I have that covered too lol.

Peaceful. I keep the tv off most of the time and listen to music a lot. I am very content with the quiet though.

I love the house charms. They are so cute and quirky!

Amy K said...

Swoon! I'm all about color!

Straight from my planner, How I want my home to feel....Warm, Welcoming, Organized.

Kathryn said...

Peaceful, welcoming, loving.

I love those beads. The green is my favorite as well.

Emily G said...

I like our home cozy, orderly, and peaceful.

jenny said...

Loving - peaceful - HAPPY! I am a lover of color too. I'm really glad God thought of them. I think heaven is going to have WAY more colors than we have here on earth!

Sam said...

Our home is full of laughter,love and hugs!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Ooooh, "laughter"... I like that word!!

Mbeaty19 said...

Oh the bezels, the ceramic beads with words, the little house, and all those colors. It's like heaven on earth. Really don't know how you are able to ever choose what to buy.

My three words:
Open: we always welcome people to come to our house and they know our door is always 'open'. Also we enjoy sharing our lives - our joys and our low points. We share open-ly with each other which makes us stronger as a family.
Inspiring: Just like reading your blog inspires me so does my house. The reason is my house is full of creative outlets. My walls, refrigerator and rooms are filled with kid art, my photography and various projects. I make materials on hand whenever my kids or I get a creative bug.
Busy: while most might see this as a negative in this case it's the opposite. I love the fact there is always something going on in my house. It may be my boys playing, myself crafting, our family spending time together, or even during quiet times the sounds of the house fill my head and heart. I never feel alone when I'm in my house and that's a great feeling.

(Loving these questions )

melanie, aka Mo said...

I LOVE creative and open!! That's my house too. (Although those wouldn't be Todd's words!).

You really need to make a retreat. Sounds like we're kindred spirits!

Kala said...

My 3 words would be happy, loving and safe. I love how you are so open to hopping on a plane alone and doing what you love! Attending one of your retreats is on my bucket list!

Maggie said...

Hey Mo, haven't shouted out in a while, but I'm STILL HERE! (And buried in snow above my head - literally :)
I love that you asked a home question, because i finally bought my first home that's all mine this past spring. The settling in has been deliberately slow so that I make sure it truly reflects how I want it to feel, and I don't just "hurry up and fill it" with stuff.
I want my home to feel welcoming, comfortable, and natural (like non-fussy, not like dirt on the floor ;)