Monday, October 6, 2014

The fair is in town!!

I think we're just gonna call it tradition!!  The fair is in town. 
 And so I immediately thought of Nana and Pops.  They went with us last year too.
 The girls LOVE to go to the fair!  If I'm being honest, I like it too!  Todd would rather take a beating!
 But good ol' Nana and Pops came through in a pinch to accompany us!!
 Of course, we don't go to the fair without MadiBoo!  She and Ellie would choose to be siamese if they could.  They are absolute besties.  I had to talk to them about NOT leaving Gabbi out when we go to the fair.
 As you can see, they really paid me a lot of attention!  ha
 But, don't worry!!  Gabbi couldn't really care less.  She is a thrill seeker!!  She L.O.V.E.S the rides!
 Look at Ellie's hands in the air in the backseat here!  haha. That's how Gabs rode most of the rides!

 If you happen to follow me on Facebook, you saw this picture, along with the caption, "Please, Lord, do NOT let us win any goldfish!".
 And at this moment, we didn't.  BUT... later... Pops took the girls back to this game, and well....
 I'll let you know in a minute how all that turned out!!  Yep.  Thanks, Dad!  I think YOU need a few fish at YOUR house!  After all, we still have a goldfish the girls won at a school carnival from TWO years ago!!  And it is now, like, 4" long!  Crazy!
 VERY uncool thing about having girls!  Boys can just stand.  Girls... ugh!  Just ugh!!
 One of the best things about the fair is the food.  This corn dog started out about 12" long.
 And, well, basically EVERYTHING at the fair is deep fried.  I thought this guy's shirt was classic.

 Nana had the chicken on a stick!  I had fried pickles.
 And I mean LOTS of fried pickles!!
 Next up... an elephant ear.  THE BEST!
 Yeah, it looks like Gabbi is really missing those two big girls riding with her, huh?!
 She's like, Ellie and Madi who?!
 Oh...and while Gabs and I were taking a few last minute rides before the fair closed, it seemed Nana and Pops and the big girls were MIA!

 When they showed back up, they were carrying THESE!!  FOUR new goldfish.  Two went home with Madi. Two with us.
 Thanks, Nana and Pops for going with us to the fair!!  It's now a tradition!

The REST of the story...
Came home two days later, saw the pitcher on the floor in the kitchen with a buckled hardwood floor where clearly water had soaked into the floor.  But where the heck were the fish (Elsa and Anna, by the way)?  We just figured Twilight Sparkles got too curious!

Walked into my bedroom and these were in the middle of my bedroom floor!!
Todd kept the girls distracted while that porcelain throne sucked these right on down! Sorry girls.

Until next year.



Amy K said...

Oh no! It all looked like good ol' fun, until I read about your wood floor. Not good! Hopefully the girls are handling it ok.

Becky said...

glad you had lots of fun and thanks for the final laugh - I did see on face book where you didn't want any and the next thing I thought was - she just jinxed herself. Happy Day Mo!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! Great story, besides the floor of course. At least they still have the "big" fish.