Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's time to start this shindig!

So as we are trying to have an art retreat over here.... I am getting these pics of EIGHT college girls at our  condo!  Mary Allison had herself a little getaway! haha.  I am so happy that we have this so she can have this opportunity.  I look forward to my girls having the same opportunity to share it with their friends! 
Sooo... here's the whole crew!!  By now, Suzy (the lumberjack in the plaid on the top right), AnnaLea (bottom right in the corner), and Christy (middle of the back row), have all shown up.  Some people have to work, ya know!
Look at my hands.  I have a new toy!  My phone case has a remote control which fits in the back of it, and can be used for this.....
Oh yeah, baby!  Remote control selfies.  This ain't no amateur art retreat!!

Remember those 1000+ sayings that I printed from Pinterest.  Well, this is likely one of them.
At dinner, we all had the opportunity to get to know each other a little better.  Check out the decorations in the background.  If you recall, last year, Riley made a special request to see the BAH all decked out for Christmas.
Seeing how it was the first weekend in October, I think it was a weeeee bit early for all that action.  So, the house was fall-itized!
Jennifer has been to SIX art retreats.  yep.  I think she wins the award!!  And I can tell it by her work!!  She has really, really shown so much improvement over the years.  She is now one I call and say, "Ok, whatcha wanna make sure I cover in the retreat this time?".  See?  Seniority has its privileges!!  haha.
This was AnnaLea's first one.  She has been wanting to come to one for a while.  I made this past art retreat about half the cost of the usual retreats.  I wanted to be able to attract some of the local yocals who have wanted to attend, but just hadn't made the commitment.  It worked.  We had a FULL room!!
Suzy Ruzy was my special helper.  She helped with set up, take down, send outs, lunch, etc.  She also helps me significantly with the MoJoy Studio in general.  Thanks, Suzy, for believing in me and my vision for bringing creativity to the masses.
I really DO think that anyone can be creative.  If it is not "natural" to you, it has probably been squelched somewhere in your past.  EVERYONE has creativity as a child.  Just some of us keep on playing and some of us are told we aren't that good, or we decide to  be "serious" or act like a grown up.  Well... I am a firm believer that creativity is VITAL to being good at ANYTHING!!  Think of one of your most inspirational heroes... I guarantee he or she is creative.  And I guarantee... you are too!!
We were "Created" by God who "Created" us in HIS image.  So we are CREATIVE beings.

One of the creative things that Jennifer requested was to make a canvas using a gel medium.  Because that requires some drying time, we started that process on Friday night.  It was Sunday before they were totally completed.
This is just inspirational to me.  I LOVE this picture.
This one too!!  This was the calm before the storm.... all this creative space just waiting for the perfect 12 or so women to come and anoint it with new ideas and fresh energy!!
Here's the man of the house, back in his private den, hiding out from all that estrogen.
He is such a trooper!!  And day two... before we started, I was caught on the back porch swing, trying to wake up with a hop cup of joe!  I don't get going til I've had my coffee!!
And so...we continue.  More stories and pictures tomorrow!


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Mbeaty19 said...

Love the picture of the brushes. Things like that are so inspiring to me. I know exactly what you mean about finding your creativity. I've been given projects to do before that I'll find myself doubting my abilities. Yet when I sit down and actually focus I've never let myself down. So many people try to control their creativity and end of squashing their greatness. So happy there are people like you that embrace it and share it with others. Can't wait for your next post.