Monday, October 27, 2014

Creative thinking!

I didnt' mean to leave you high and dry on the MoZart Retreat!  Nope.  But seems I sort of did.  Busy, busy, busy!  

OK... back to the fun.  
We talked about the different kinds of thinking.  We talked about the importance of CREATIVE thinking!  We worked on a project where you had to be willing to think outside the box a bit!
For this project, we had Sharpies, but weren't allowed to pick up our pens.  AT. ALL.  Just that command, in itself, gave some of these women anxiety!  ha
Like Dottie here... but look at that cute owl!  She did AWESOME!!
We were painting on thick craft cardstock... in fact, it was the back of a sketch pad.  I had to buy NEW sketch pads and rip the backs off, cause this was exactly what I wanted to paint on!
Nancy, is nice and tidy.  Can you tell?  People have totally different personalities when it comes to art.  That's one of the things that interests me in the retreats.  I love to help people discover their artistic styles.
I mean, seriously, don't you almost feel like you could NAME these guys...
Gabbi Girl stopped by the studio and took a selfie or two or 1000!
But that's ok.  I secretly love finding them on my phone.
Below on the left is Betsy... Middle top...Trixie!
Middle below...Sidney.  (Tom thought it was a Sid... I was thinking Dave)
The blue gal beside her is Jill!
And then on the left there is Sadie, and there's Genevieve again.
Below we have Dr. Sigmund F. Richardson and Shelley.
And then we finished up some fall paintings we made using modeling paste for texture.
I thought they turned out downright cute!
And our owls, with definite personalities, most positively made us think outside our boxes!!
Tomorrow... focused thinking!

OH!  And we will be sending out the Gratittude JOURNALS (and lots of little extras too to the first 25 people to order!!) along with daily prompts.  If you've already ordered yours, start finding or ordering some pictures of things you are grateful for... your home.  your family. your kids.  Your favorite trip.  Your favorite kids.  a significant other.  Your job.  Places in your house.  People who inspire you..... you'll need pics for this journal!  But you'll be GLAD you took the time to put it together!!  Go to Facebook and see samples of it on the MoJoy page.



Jerelyne Nemanich said...

I am excited to get the journal! I seem to come home each night eat and pick up my computer and continue to work - go to bed and start over.

Trying to take time each night to start new projects and not focus on work. This will be a great addiction to the mood scarf I mad in the process of knitting.

Jerelyne Nemanich said...

*am,not mad

Mama J said...

Really love the hoot owls...creative for sure. You might check with Hobby Lobby's frame department. I bought some 10x12 backs when I was in AR for mailing out licenses at the Medical Bd.

Laura Weeces said...

I'm hoping I'm on of the first 25. :) I don't think I'm that creative of a person, but want to start doing things out of my comfort zone. I think this project will be a perfect start!

Mbeaty19 said...

Love the owls and colors in each of them. I bet this really stretched the minds and skills of the retreaters. It's funny how the names really do seem fitting for the owls. Love the uniqueness of each of them. Glad you were able to take time from that busy schedule to bring us more of the retreat fun. Can't wait to see what comes next.

Journals look incredible. I've been working on creating one in preparation for November. Always inspired by you and all your 'creations'

nss said...

Genevieve is hanging out showing her beauty as we speak! Gonna try my "skills" on the journal so can't wait for it to arrive and hoping I a first 25! Happy Thursday!

connie said...

I have got mine the other day. I have started working on it I got to go get some pics printed out for it but iam writing down sayings I want to add to it I love the book I got to go get a few ink pads too ohh its going to be so much fun working on it. thank you for making these for all of us and for me...