Sunday, September 7, 2014

My baby girls.

 If you follow me on Instagram (Melaniemomom), then you are fully aware that I post a pic of my girls every morning before school.  I can honestly say that this has become such a part of their morning routine, that they go out to the car, drop their book bags off in the front seat, and head straight to "the spot".
 This year I have tried to be more cognizant of Gabbi always to Ellie's right, so that when I get ready to do a Flipagram (have you seen THAT app?!), the girls will be on the same side in all the pics, and I will be able to see how they've grown.  Pretty "Futuristic" of me, huh?  (That's one of my five top strengths... have I talked about strengths?!  Well, anyway, I am always thinking ahead.  Even in the case of the daily photo!)
Then it hits my photos and instagram feed and I add a filter to it and , VOILA!"

 Of course, the girls were happy to see the crosswalk cop, Mr. Todd, and he seemed pretty happy to see them too!
 Have I mentioned that Todd and I went to school together, from 6th grade to 12th grade if I am not mistaken.  And now he protects my kiddos!
 Flashforward to after school.... this year, DeeDee is picking them up for us, and because Gabs does therapy, she often ends up at my office with them.
 Ellie thinks she has run of the whole places! Here, she is in her daddy's office.
 Trying hard to be resolute and aloof!
 BUT... it didn't work, and she finally caved into his being silly!

 Next day... ALLERGIES!!  This is new to this house.  And this might just be the most pitiful picture I have ever seen!
 She had chronically watering eyes, and they were red underneath, as you can see.  It had to be allergies, but I had no earthly idea what it was.  Ironically, hers is now totally cleared up and mine is fired up with a vengeance!  And we have no idea what it is.  Anyone in north Louisiana who could give me a clue... it'd be very well received!
 Looks like this is turning into a random post.  Oh well.
When I was a kid I did pageants.  (Thanks, Mom).  And this was the final line to my runway walk when I gave up my crown as Louisiana's Miss LaPetite.
 True fact.
And this is the chair I think I need in my office.  But seriously, these can run 200-300 bucks!  WHAT? !  No, I think I'm gonna pass, Office Depot!

Next door... at Hobby Lobby...oooooh laaaa laaaa!!!  I think I might need some more turquoise and lime green for my upstairs bedroom!!  Whatcha think?!
 and if I only had more room in my art room!!  These are the colors I like to use in there.  But there is literally not one more ounce of space!!  Maybe I could use these colors at the studio!! We'll be decorating there this year, cause we are going to have a big open house and lots of traffic, I hope, to buy all the cool little handmade gifts that will be ready for purchase!
 I have one of my clinics who decorates in candy.  I think we might need to consider these for the doors.
 And gingerbread was a consideration for my kitchen, and I am kind of in the mood to change at least one small area, so maybe this will be it this year.
 Yep.  Done deal!
 I just snapped this cause I think Gabbi Girl's sweet little pink and aqua room needs her at Christmas!!
 ANd voila... later that day, eyes cleared up.  Princess hat and wand... and feeling so much better.
 This actually WAS later that same day.  It was just that we found a cute little consignment joint and the girls got all kinds of cute new things.  Gabbi saw this ballerina shirt and skirt and LOVED it, so it came home with us.
 As bad as she was feeling that day, I think she could've gotten me to let a GIRAFFE come home with us.  I was on a mission to make my baby feel better!
And that concludes a random day with the Groves!
Can I say our retreat is filling up and is gonna be great?!  If you are signed up and have a special request for an activity or project you've seen on the blog or at retreats in the past, shoot it to me.  I have Jennifer and Lisa's suggestions.  And I think Anna Lea sent me a request as well.  Anyone else?!  Email me at or just drop a note here in the replies.  Hope you have a great week.



Cherry said...

Looks like I am the first one to post...woohoo. Don't know about the allergies. But I agree it was pitiful looking...

kimybeee said...

My allergies bother me every day and I had really watery eyes after driving the truck in the hayfield, can I have a giraffe??

Allergies are very flux in what can be most irritating from day to day. The weather in general affects mine and my big dog as well. If it is gonna rain we both have a terrible time. I never had allergies to environmental things till I was pregnant with my first kid almost 21 years ago. They started slow and have wound up worse and worse every year. Mowing is really bad and I have quit because I can't breathe the next day. So even when the neighbors mow I suffer.

Ironically, I always ride with the windows down, which is not good for allergies. But I figure as long as I am gonna be sneefly and snuffly I will do it with bad hair lol

Check with Gg's pediatrician about giving her Claritin or Zyrtec. Some you can take just when you are suffering and others all the time to prevent attacks.

I will house the giraffe and feed it for gg!!

kimybeee said...

And I am allergic to Benadryl! Yeah me lol.

Maybe two giraffes so one won't be lonely lol.

Amy K said...

I love the daily Instagram posts of the girls.

My son and I both have had skin tests done for allergies. Can you believe that I'm allergic to cows, of all things?!
Maybe they can figure it out for both of you, and get you on some preventive meds.
Oh yeah, the are hilarious!

That turquoise and red is calling my name. Hobby Lobby, here I come! Thanks for enabling me.

Anonymous said...