Monday, September 29, 2014

Art runs in our blood! Get ready for an AWESOME retreat!

Dude...I am READY for this weekend!!  I finalized the agenda, and all of you who are signed up should be getting an email tomorrow with details!  If you need a ride from the airport, let me know (, and I'll see if THE JinJin can help by picking you up.  We are going to be making 3-4  paintings, two pieces of jewelry and a banging journal!!  
 But best of all.... we'll be GROWING together, as each project will be linked to a daily practice which my man, John Maxwell, says is the secret to success.  We're going to explore Attitude, Thinking, Values, and Growth.  I had another sign up today!!
 Around this house, art is just a daily practice.  I love that ALL of Gabbi's paintings and even the color sheets she brings home from school look like the above.  Whereas, Ellie is more "traditional" with her art, but very creative in her own right.
 I mean, let's face it, most kids would pick a color and paint the shirt that color!  Ellie knows all about Zentangles (thanks Suzy), chevron, polka dots, and even does a pretty dang good job of lettering!
 The Gabster paints everything in patches of color.  I am not exactly sure what her little brain is thinking while she is coloring or painting, but surely it is something creative.  Hey!  That's one of the types of thinking we'll be discussing!  As well as FOCUSED and Strategic thinking, so if you are coming to the retreat, pack a set of ear buds or headphones.  We're going to practice an hour of silence while we focus and plan!  Should be interesting!
 And anybody who knows me is already laying odds that I will NOT make it!!  ha.
 We'll be doing the first afternoon/ evening at my art studio in my house.  The BAH for those in the know.  Day 2, Saturday, will be at MoJoy Studio.  I wanted everyone to get to see it as well as the therapy clinics they've come to know from years of the blog.  And then, Sunday, we'll end back up at my house.
 And you'll get to meet Twilight Sparkles, who thinks she OWNS this art room!
 Oh hey Jake!!  I've been seeing LOTS of this lately.  I can always tell I'm on the right path when I get this little sign which I know is a synchronicity of sorts.  It's my own personal message from Heaven that all is well.  (As I type this it is 9:11 here!)
 OH.  I'm gonna try to get us some of this action one night too!  My man can coooooook!!
 And that's it for tonight.  Can you believe I got this can?!  That's me.  After this past weekend at Turning Point, we learned to claim all that we want or think we are...

Through the words, I am...

As it is.
I am a GO GETTER!!

Looking forward to last mastermind presentation of a four week session to local business people , a kicking Lunch and Learn for the Chamber of Commerce, and sprinkling in lots of patients who keep me energized and in touch with my heart's core. And that's all just tomorrow!  What a life I lead!



Unknown said...

so hate that I am going to miss the art retreat. But, please keep the pictures and blogs coming. I want to hear about what all you guys are doing. Pam

Mama J said...

I know these ladies are going to have life changing experiences at your retreat. The enjoyment of the BAH and cottage along with your kiddos and Todd the Bod would be enough in itself. You are throwing in the kitchen sink, so to speak....I will be preparing for 50th, yes 50th class reunion events these next two weeks.