Sunday, July 6, 2014

Family beach pics

Do I really have that few teachers reading my blog?!  I was expecting some serious EXCITEMENT about my planner!!  I only had ONE teacher (Thank you!!) give me some feedback on her favorite book, and give me info regarding her school district and such.  Come on, peeps.  I NEED your feedback!  Go back and read the previous blog and give me your input if you are a teacher.   And with that.... let's move along.  Back to beach pics.
All four of us this time!
We weren't really thinking when we lined up to have the condo behind us!!

I think we were more concerned at that very minute of where the sun was setting and making sure we were facing the light.
Even though one might not be able to tell in these pics, Gabs wasn't really feeling it.  She was in one of those very distractible, or else I'll whine and cry moods.
So we tried some different poses.  This one was NOT the ticket!
I think I like this one, but it just needs to be blown up.

This is what happens when you are NOT facing the light.  Maybe I could get someone with skillz to add light to our fronts to make these pics doable.
This is kind of sweet.
Although it does sort of look like Todd and I are "forcing it"!!

These playful pics are sort of fun!

And in the end, I think I chose this one.  I cropped one of those far off ones.  Mary Allison has ordered our canvases already.  I just let her choose whichever ones she thought were best.  I like that.  I'll be as surprised as you when they come in!!  I'll let ya know.
OH.  And if you have time, go check  out
MMPT was honored with Best of the Delta again this year.  We have won for the past six years.  If you have time, please go vote for us.  I know you have to use an email address to log in.  You will also have to vote on more than just Best Physical Therapy Practice.  Here are a few of my preferences... Best gumbo... the Mohawk.  Best PoBoy... Magic Grill.  Best Gymnastics... Totally Tumbling.  Best womens' clothing boutique... Herringstone's. My friend, Sherry, owns ALL plumbing and heating and cooling, and she is up for a win in both categories.  (She's a John Maxwell coach and speaker, like me!)   Tashia Hines is one of my besties and is up for Best CPA/ accountant.  My girls take dancing from Linda Lavendar School of Dance, we have Staci Albritton take most of our pics, I typically buy my plants at Sammy's Plant World, Jake LOVED Johnny's Pizza, and Emery Thibadeaux needs to be the Best Artist.  She is a teacher and the graphic designer at MoJoy... so that is pretty cool.  Maybe that will give you enough idea to vote on.  I really appreciate your taking the time to vote.  My employees thank you too.  We are honored to just be nominated.  We LOVE our community.



Amy K said...

Such beautiful beach photos - I'm sure Mary Allison did a wonderful job choosing! Voting, done.

Mama J said...

For some reason the only picture that came up for me was the last one. Probably my issue and not yours. The one I did get was great! Love the colors! As far as your planner..makes me wish I was a teacher because it is awesome. I am going to let my teacher friends know to check out your blog to see if it would work for them. As for Delta Style, you always have my vote and I appreciate the recommendations on your friends because I am not familiar with a lot of places yet. Mama J sez, Have a boom boom Monday!

Unknown said...

Great choice, love the last pic.

Becky said...

I love the last picture & thanks for the help list for the voting

snekcip said...

I love the last one!! Very nice!