Monday, June 30, 2014

The Groves Girls and their sitters.

Round two of beach pics.  And no, we certainly didn't hire a professional this year.  Maybe next year!  These are fancy iphone pics with a fancy condo in the background.
But who cares, right? ! When the foreground subject is so dang C.U.T.E.?!  Ellie said, "Come here, Gabs.  Let me hold you."  Cause she is soooooooo much older than Gabbi Girl.  A whole 12 1/2 months!!
These are your garden variety candid shots of them just strolling around and having fun.
And the sitters got in on the action too.  First, we had Kaitlyn, in the black, (this is Jessi's girl).  She was our guest.
Cause you know, every six-year-old invites a 13-year-old to the beach as her "friend".
Alex, in the hat, has been our number one babysitter for the entire school year.  She is going off to college in the fall, so we are on the hunt for our next school year sitter.  If you live in West Monroe, and are not going to be bogged down by after school practices of your own, I'd love to talk to you.  We'll need rides to dancing, gymnastics, art class, and therapy.  Also help with homework and baths.  But there are perks....
like the fact that Alex has spent three weeks with us at the beach in the past 6 months!
The cute girl in the tan is Kailyn.  She went as Alex's friend/ helper!
Oh, by the way, a college kid would work out just fine too, as a sitter, for that matter!!
More cute pics of my sweet girls.  They sometimes seem to really like each other!  This was one of those lucky days!
Look at that sweet Gabs kissing Ellie Sue.  And she pretty much refused to put her new elephant purse down, sooo....
Oh.  Now THAT is cute!!  Again, I need some help on pics that are just really worthy of a blow up or a canvas and such.

Ok, so maybe this is taking it a little over the top.  I'm guessing this was Gabbi's idea.  She LOVES to kiss on the lips.  And you have to hold it there for about 3 seconds.  It's her thing.  Oh, and then say, "muah" when you're coming apart!

These might need a little cropping, but I think they are sweet.

Without a doubt, picture taking is easier now that my girls are big ol' kindergartener and first graders.  They pretty much get the concept of smiling and posing.  Well... mostly anyhow.

Keep thinking about some of your faves, and just describe them so I will know which ones are standing out as particularly touching or sweet.

As we were walking down the boardwalk, I thought we ALMOST waited too long to take pictures.  Dusk lasted for some time, thankfully, so we had time left over, in fact, for the girls to frolic and play.
Sundown at the gulf is something to behold.  Absolutely gorgeous.  These pics are making me wanna go back now!!
JinJin and her peeps are down there now.  She takes about 5 of her besties (teacher friends from years ago) to the beach with her every year for the week of her birthday.  She is all about everyone celebrating her!  haha.  JinJin knows what's up.

ANd finally a couple with my baby girl.  I like these, but need to get that palm tree out of the top of my head!

Sometimes selfies work out.  Sometimes, not so much.  I think Gabbi took these, in fact.
Alrighty, I took your advice yesterday.  Let's hear it again today!!



Becky said...

I love the one of the girls on the log when Gabbi is kissing Ellie on the cheek! So cute!

snekcip said...

Definitely the "log sitting/cheek kissing pic"!

Susantwilhelm said...

LOVE the 2nd pic of the girls holding hands with their backs to the camera --

Shannon said...

2, 10, 11 & 15.

Who can narrow those little gems down??

SamC said...

They are all great, but, I really like 3, 15, 16, & 17. :)

Kaia said...

The two horizontal ones on the log--Gabs kissing Ellie and the next one :)

Amy K said...

Late to the photo choosing party...

They're iphone photos? Wow! Gorgeous colors & of course subjects. You all are so photogenic. I love the candid shots & the playful ones, too. The girls sitting on the log is so sweet.

Becky said...

love the pix but the ones of the girls on the log facing towards the camera with the "sweet faces" would be my choice. I love that Ellie looks after Gabbi -Ihope it will always be that way