Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ellie Cam, Michael's and Cinco de Mayo

Summer has arrived.  And when summer is here, so are Keif's, from MMPT, boys.  Hayden loves to come stay with us because he is a diehard fisherman.  And he can catch the big boys in our pond, it seems.
Ellie took my phone upstairs and caught these pics.  I just happened to see them when I was uploading pics.
I don't remember why I took this next pic.  But I for sure like the words!!
I just got finished packing for our trip.  I have one suitcase of clothes and three bins (BIG ones) of art supplies and books!!  Yessiree... I have a few projects I need to work on, so I'll need my supplies with me.  Just as sure as I don't bring it, I'll need it.  And sooooo.... I sort of overpack!
THese are just random pics I also found on my phone.  These were at Michael's and I thought they were so darn cute.  I wish I had a party to plan, cause these are C.U.T.E.!!
These are too!!  But, there are just so many metal tins one actually needs, right?!
Hey.  How many of you are using Project LIfe?!  I started one, but haven't finished it.  I'm pretty excited about doing my annual beach trip mini scrapbook.  It's something I do every year and I have a whole, whole bunch of supplies packed for that specific project!

On Cinco de Mayo, I dressed Gabs and I in the closest thing I could find to Mexican attire.  Ellie was still home per doctor's orders.  Gabbi's shirt really did come from Mexico.
I bought it and her cute little purse in Cozumel last year when we went on a cruise.
OH!  I got my cute little sombrero there too.  I never could decide what I wanted to do with it.  ANd then... the situation manifested itself.
This stepping stone has been right outside my art room for three or so years now, and it was only last week when I realized it was shaped like a heart.  WHERE have I been!?  IT was so obvious!!  I highlighted it a bit with some sidewalk chalk.
Tomorrow we head out.  I am so excited.  The girls are excited about the beach and swimming.  I am excited about reading and studying and learning, and planning!  I have so many ideas, but no real time to sit down and put things in order, which is necessary to actually bring ideas to fruition.  I think I have some really great ideas.  Wish me luck as I start forming programs and making things actually "happen"!

Alrighty... what are you doing this weekend!?



Amy K said...

Our plans include: baseball, guitar lesson, 8th grade graduation dress shopping, building a flower bed, a party, BBQ at home, baseball....hmmmm, the beach sounds rather inviting!
Enjoy and Explore! I can't wait to see what all you create.
Safe travels...

Kathryn said...

We have a lot of house plans to work on this weekend, and I am excited about that! I have been painting all the closets in this house (10 including two huge walk-ins and the pantry). All of them have custom built-ins that were there when we bought the house eight years ago. Well, I have never liked the pantry much because it frankly makes no sense. So, after taking all the shelves off, and painting that space, I asked Himself if he thought we could go on and rework it, and he said we could! So, that is on tap. In the meantime, the contents of the pantry are all over the dining room and living room. New decor!

I will spend a bit of time getting things out of a couple of closets to paint this weekend as well. No matter how decluttered you think a closet is, taking everything out, including all the shelves, painting, cleaning the floors, putting the shelves back in, and starting to put the things back on the shelves and hanging makes you declutter even more!

We will be eating some mighty fine barbecue as well. Good times!

melanie, aka Mo said...

I know what ya mean about closet clean out! Just did ours a couple weeks ago. There was about 3 times more stuff than needed to be packed in that small space.

melanie, aka Mo said...

Amy, you still planning on the Mother-Daughter? Bout to start planning the activities!

nss said...

We decided to stay home and work at the new home. Clean out overgrown jungle, build a shed, plant flowers
and of course knit a cool new scarf in my "down time". Have a great time exploring!

Susantwilhelm said...

Have a wonderful time in your "Happy Place"!!! This weekend brings cooking appetizers for a wine tasting for 20. As you know, the kitchen is a happy place for me! And a little pool time!

snekcip said...

I'm gonna enjoy my grands and go buy me a NEW CAMERA and NEW LENS (Canon 70D/ 50mm f 1.4) I've had my eyes on this camera for a quite a while now. Wishing you and the fam a HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!

Unknown said...

Yay! I'm excited to hear about the plans and of course see pics of y'all enjoying the beach.
I'm getting my niece for the weekend, tomorrow we are going to the Audobon Zoo, Sunday will be an arts and crafts day and Monday is relaxing.

Phyllis Lines said...

I'm spending the weekend de-cluttering my house, cleaning closets and the garage in preparation for listing my house. Moving from Florida to Kansas - back closer to family. Will miss the Florida winters but not the summers and hurricane season.

melanie, aka Mo said...

Yay for that creative punch! (Knitting!)

melanie, aka Mo said...

Yes I do know! Still thinking you need to be our guest chef at a retreat someday.

melanie, aka Mo said...

Why?! You hardly EVER take pictures! Haha jussssst kidding!! I follow your obsesed self on Instagram!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Good aunt! Very good aunt!!

melanie, aka Mo said...

You have BIG plans! Good luck, Phyllis!

kimybeee said...

The man child graduates in the am.
Hubs is off work till Tuesday.
I bought a new fishing pole at cabelas today.
Hubs and I bought our fishing licenses today.
No idea what we will do lol lol lol

Mbeaty19 said...

Can't wait to see all the fun you and all your girls will have. Can't wait to see your Beach Book (always one of my favorite things - I even go back and look through your past ones)
Yeah for your growing and creating on this trip. That's how I am on my vacations also. Again that's how I relax on vacation.
This weekend our plans include grocery shopping and cooking lots of yummy good, visiting with my best friend that is here from Russia, Sunday will be watching racing all day, also starting a few major crafts that I've been planning for a few weeks. Finishing up a few boys I have been reading and yard embellishing also. Other than that it's all about family time with my husband and our boys.