Friday, May 30, 2014

Day two at the Beach.

We are sprawled out from room to room!!  And on this particular night, it was a foursome in the master bed!!  Mary Allison is about to fall off on her side.  I was in about an 18" space on my side, and the girls in the middle... yeah... they're pretty comfortable!!
I think I pack more art supplies than clothes!  And, I have been taking an online class by one of my mentors, Paul Martinelli, who is also president of the John Maxwell Team!  It is FAB.U.LOUS!  I take notes by painting the material.  It "sticks" better that way.
And all the while the young uns were soaking up the rays and playing in the surf.
You can always tell a good babysitter by her level of involvement.  I think these two we brought with us qualify as stellar.  They have played hide and seek and made the girls into mermaids...
ANd rode trains, and made sand art... and have not missed a single poolside Beach Club activity since we've been here.
I've tried to make as many as I could too.  But understand, that this, for me, is a working vacation.  I have my idea cards, my online class I am studying, and books by the dozen.  Literally.
And in between, I go watch the baby girls jump on jumpers and slide on water slides, make snowcones, watch poolside movies,....etc.

They even made Spin Art on the first day we were here.  Have I mentioned I love the Beach Club?!  So much for my littles to do!!

As a matter of fact, after playing with this Spin Art machine last year, I immediately went home and bought my own.  I thought it was fabulous, and sure enough it has more than paid off in birthday parties, therapy projects, and activities for camps and fundraisers.

These two (Alex and Sarah) will be registering for college on Tuesday, so they'll be heading back home.  Our usual babysitter, Alex, (another one), is now home from a mission trip to Guatemala, so she will be coming down to hang out with us that same day.  Yay!  We all win.

It takes a village to raise the Groves Girls.  Especially with a busy mama.

I feel guilty when I am not with them, but I remind myself that the reason I came down here for three weeks was to get a lot of work accomplished.  I would have felt even more guilty had I left my family at home while I was here.  So, we compromised... I bring sitters to help while I work, and then I get to be with them sporadically during the day and always in the evening and at night.  Again.. we all win.

I know I'm on the right track because I get signs all day long...

All of those were in one day.  Just sayin.
Yep.  I am feeling confirmation that all this work I am doing to move toward individual and business coaching, with an emphasis in the right brained learner and artistic expression is on track. It's heavy duty stuff.  I am blending my John Maxwell coaching information with my art and, really wanting to infuse personal growth, goal setting, and living INTENTIONALLY.  How does that sound?!
And my girls are getting as much of me as I can give them at this time.  I am so happy I get to be their mama.



Unknown said...

You are all blessed to have each other! Love it when someone realizes just how blessed they are and you always do.
You're making me feel like I need a few days at the beach to concentrate on ME. I just may do that in a few weeks.

Amy K said...

This looks like the best working vacation!
The picture of Gabbi the Sand Mermaid is AWESOME!

kimybeee said...

I don't think vacation without working is in your vocabulary! No worries though, that is your normal and it isn't like your kids are stuck in the corner waiting on you. I would love to hang with them lol. They have a ball. And I love their little sun kissed faces!

When the rest of the big crew gets there you will lean more toward the vacation than the working lol

Holly said...

Looks like lots of fun goings on for the girls!

Shannon said...

That last sleeping still my heart.

Becky said...

no need to feel guilty - your girls get lots of your time.