Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sweet Lizzie Girl

Candy, our housekeeper, hates our cat.  To hear her say it, she doesn't "hate" her, she just prefers she stay in her cage as long as she is here!  And so, before I get any hate messages, don't blame me!  Blame, Candy!!
I think Lizzie kinda likes it.  She sort of gloats! Lizzie also tries to use intimidation tactics from time to time, because for whatever reason, she likes cat food better than dog food.  So, just to be perfectly honest, we shut Twilight Sparkles up in her cage every time we feed her.  Otherwise, Lizzie Girl would eat her food.  And totally neglect her own, mind you.

I have been taking this sweet girl to work with me a little.  She would make the absolute best therapy dog.  She is so docile!
On this particular day, I let her just hang out in the MoJoy Studio with me all day long.

And I think she was trying to tell me thank you.

And I was trying to get her to pose for a picture with me.
THERE!!  Capture.  Sorta.

She's a good ol' dog.  Where adoptions are concerned, I'd say we are some pretty fortunate parents!!
Lizzie is the perfect dog for the Groves family!



Unknown said...

Aww! So glad that Lizzie fits right in with y'all :) looks like she loves her mama as much as Ellie and Gabbi!

Mama J said...

Lizzie IS the sweetest dog and wonderful around a lot of people. She fits in just fine with your lifestyle. Now Twilight Sparkles....she might be just a little possessed...LOL...

Amy K said...

Lizzie is the dream dog! Although, I liked Twilight Sparkles when I met her too.

kimybeee said...

My big dog hates to have her picture taken. She will turn away or leave lol.

Lizzie is adorable. And twilight sparkles didn't seem to mind her jail time lol. I think she may have been antagonizing Lizzie a little lol

Our little dog loves everybody - she would lick any tonsils you put her near, she has a gift lol.