Monday, April 21, 2014

Guess who! Hint: Frozen (for the hundredth time)

Hey.  I'm back.  Was a hectic weekend.  But, now it's over, and I am back in the land of the somewhat normal, so I am back to doing what I do.  Ok.  So this is Gabbi.  But... can you tell who Gabbi is trying to be?!

The title of this post should give you some indication.  And then there is the brown tights and "hooves" on her hands.  And she made her own mask.  Can you tell?!

She's     , the reindeer in Frozen.   Duh.

And for more proof... Here are Elsa and Anna too!
They had only watched it twice before.  And then, Todd (ha... look at his hand on his forehead!), had to welcome them as they watched it yet again.
He was a trooper.  He even stayed in and watched it with them.
That's called the price you pay when you raise girls!


Unknown said...

So cute. Such a good girl Daddy!

jenny said...

Good for Todd - give him LOTs of extra points for this, Mo!

Lisa said...

A super daddy!!!

Joleen said...

She makes a super cute reindeer :)

Good daddy for sure!

Theresa Shirley said...

Wow, what a good Daddy! The fact that he would watch it with them is great. Gabbi girl may grow up to do something in animation, as much as she loves those movies--haha. I remember when my daughter (who is almost 22 now) was little she watched 101 Dalmations like 400 times. She would watch it over & over & knew all the words to the movie even.