Monday, February 17, 2014

The Mardi Gras Pet Parade.

So, Saturday, we had a full day planned.  WHO am I kidding? We have a full day planned EVERY day.  But whatever... we got up, Ellie went to a back handspring clinic at the gym.  Gabs and I got ready to go support our friend, Rebecca, who is in a contest with Ghengis Grill, nationwide in fact.  More on that on another day.  After we got finished DANCING out front, in the parking lot, as one of her challenges, we went inside where there was MORE Valentine action coming their way!!
JinJin had everything she gave monogrammed.  Including little notebooks and clipboards.  But ya know, monograms really DO make things cuter!

Kimie met us there, and she, too, had big ol' bags of goodies!  It's like cupid exploded in the back of our car!!
This is Lesa, who owns A Sweet Life dance studio, and who I helped Rebecca recruit to join our team so we would have a high energy crew!!  She was our Zumba teacher for the day.
From Ghengis Grill, we went straight to the Mardi Gras Pet Parade.
Every year I hear about it after the fact, so I was pretty pumped to REMEMBER to be there this year.  And I KNEW this little girl would be fired up about all the Mardi Gras animals.
Before the parade had even begun, she'd found a buddy!  One that was taller than she was.  I think great danes are pretty fab!
And then... it began.
This is the actual Queen of our "big" Mardi Gras parade to follow later that evening.
Some in golf carts, some in wagons, some just walking.
But all were dressed up.  And yes... purple, gold and green are the colors of Mardi Gras!!

This one was pretty funny.  (To who?  he asks!!  ha.)

We pretty much lucked up and got a front row spot where we could really see all the animals very close up.

It was hard to decide who I thought had the best "float".

But this one was pretty over the top!
Made me sad we didn't have Lizzie there.  Maybe when the girls are a little bit older and can actually walk the entire distance AND help manage a decorated/ dressed up dog around a whole bunch of other dogs.
Our local Humane Society was represented.
Here comes some of our friends.  Used to be our neighbors... in fact.
Actually, Carmen, the mama, used to foster animals from the shelter.  She is the one who connected us with our Lizzie Girl!!
And her husband, Lance, was actually my next door neighbor when I was growing up... all through  my junior high and high school days.
This dog's nails were hot pink!  Loved it.

And finally, a tiger brought up the rear.  Actually not sure who this tiger was representing, as several of our local schools' mascot is the tiger, but I, naturally, was going with LSU!

And I did mention that we had GREAT spots at the parade route, right?!
Both of the "big girls" got Mardi Gras headbands, and Gabbi Girl got a humongous blow up Dora.  Everybody was happy!
Looks like Jin ended up with the floral headband though.  It was a special day.  Only to be the precursor to lots more action in the evening's BIG parade.  I'll share more on that tomorrow!!
OH.  And I looked at my phone when it was over.  And guess what time it was.  And YES... I did need to charge my phone!!
Tonight's Bingo number.... O with a heart in it.... 19.   Good Luck.

Til tomorrow.


Mia B. said...

I have 2 numbers!!!

Karen said...

Mel, once again you all had a great time. Pictures are so cute! Shucks I do no have the number again. Just put a big old L on my forehead. But there is always tomorrow. Right?

Sending Hugs, Karen

cstrickland said...

I have 19 under the heart! Yay me!!!

Susan Hooper said...

Darn, don't have tonight's number!!! JinJin did great on the Valentines gifts! The monogrammed items are adorable!

Beth E. said...

I've got this number... the parade was great! West Monroe seems like such a cool place to live. :)

kimybeee said...

Still no numbers :(

I could not have stood on the sidelines of a pet parade I would be out there lovin on them all!

jneman said...

Don't have this one - but 3 for 4 isn't bad;)

Amy K said...

Woot! I finally got a number!
Agreed, monograms really do make things cuter.

Unknown said...

The dog parade is so cute!

Of course everything is better with a monogram! :)

Becky said...

still just at one number but like I said that's ok. all I could think about with all that green was Jake's M&M's and then you ended with the 11 on the phone. he truly is saying hi these days. I think that Gabs is going to be a vet when she grows up. Also, were those monogramed by sewing or stick ons?

melanie, aka Mo said...

Staci's vinyl machine, I'm sure. (Stickers)

Elizabeth said...

I have this number! :)

Shannon said...

MELANIE! I don't have ONE number!!! Hook a sista up.

SamC said...

Loved all the animals in the parade. I know Gabbi really enjoyed them. :)

Yipeeeeeeeeee! I finally got a number!!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
I am holding at two numbers - this is fun!!!
The girls look so darn cute (as usual) They are beyond precious!! You learned from the best (Jin-Jin) on gift giving - and everything else. You all do a great job.
Counting down the days.....just 9 more left.
Have a great Tuesday,
Diana from Colorado

Holly said...

LOVE the parade! So cute!

Sandy P said...

I finally got a chance to check my numbers. I only have 1!

Jennifer Perkins said...

Yay!!!! I finally have a number :-)
I love small town parades and knowing get lots of goodies!!

Nascar88_20 said...

I still have matched only one number, but I love seeing all your pictures!