Thursday, February 27, 2014

Louisiana "Snow" Day

Having snow days is a real rarity down here.  And to be honest, it is almost an actual ice day.
And as an owner of a business, it is always such a hard decision to keep the place open (knowing most of the patients will not brave the roads) or to just stay at home.  So, when I decide to stay open, I MUST be there myself.  This means I can't play with my babies.  Cause schools are most DEFINITELY closed!!
Just as soon as I could possibly make it to Staci's house to pick up my girls, I took them outside to play!
And don't you think it's a bit ironic that as I pilfered through Staci's garage to find something that we might could slide on, I chose this one.  I'm quite sure he was!!
And I was seriously freezing.  I don't know if I could live in a really cold environment!
ANd when we got back to the car....
I snapped a few videos and photos of the big icy extravaganza.

I never really know if my videos work or not.  So, here's giving it a try!

Madi's next door neighbor has a big ol' hill on the side of his house, so that is exactly where we headed!
Gabs didn't particularly want to stop long enough for the obligatory Snow Day photo, but here you can see one of her very authentic Gabbi faces.  I love it.
You can also see that Madi has far surpassed Ellie in the lost tooth area.  And Gabbi is DYING to lose one.  Just last night, "Hey mom, is this one loose yet?!  I think it is."  "Ummm hmmm... I think maybe, Gabs."  "Yesssss!!".
By the time we got  to the hill, at the end of the day, a lot of thawing had occurred.  So, we could make a single pass on a patch of grass, then would have to move down a spell.  See the criss cross path in the photo below?!  And that nice dry patch at the end of the hill was enough to keep the girls from going into the woods.  It did a perfect job of slowing them down.

Well, let me know if you can see the videos.!
And I think we are going to have a Bingo winner tonight!  We'll see...Yesterday was 51, in case you don't follow me on Instagram or Facebook.  And tonight's number is...J 31.  Let me know.  I bet we are getting close to having a winner!!  Yay.

I'm sorry I've been avoiding the blog lately.  I was in Dallas over the weekend for a continuing education class, drove home on Sunday night (4 1/2 hours), worked all day Monday, Drove another 4 hours to Lafayette after work to take a certification exam for Pelvic floor therapy, drove straight home on Tuesday after the test (which took me 3 hours and 26 minutes to complete) and worked again all day today.  Oh... and a before work leadership meeting with my "inner circle".  And tomorrow, it's vacation time.  You'll have to wait and see the surprise.

If you're local and wanting something fun to do this weekend, Emery is hosting a metal stamping class at the new MoJoy Studio.  It's a 2 hour class, and you'll learn to stamp jewelry to make a ribbon bracelet, as well as design 2 pair of earrings.  You'll have the option to buy extras as well, to use as gifts for friends.  Would be cute little Easter gifts!!  Maybe more on that tomorrow!

Peace out.


Amy K said...

Yup, I can watch the videos. So fun - great job improvising on the sled! Jake was most definitely with you.
Sadly, not even close to "BINGO".
Can't wait to see what's up with your vacation.

Kathryn said...

The videos worked perfectly! Cute time. Guess what? I actually had that number! I am up to two.

Beth E. said...

Shoot-fire! Don't have the latest number, either! I don't think I'll be hitting BINGO(or MOJOY), either. :/

Looks like the girls had a blast on their snow day! I have a feeling Ellie and Gabbi will lose their teeth all at once. If so, I want to see video of them eating corn on the cob! LOL

We've been freezing, here in SW Virginia. I am sooo ready for warmer weather...Spring can't come soon enough!

Shannon said...

3 hours and 26 minutes for the test? That's 11 in Mo time - so surely you passed!!

Becky said...

couldn't get the video's work but i'm not sure it doesn't have to do with our security junk. loved the sleds! I know you passed your test ~ no Bingo yet! can't wait to see what you are doing for vacation.

SamC said...

So happy the girls got a snow day. We don't get a lot of those here either. I can watch the videos. It looks like everyone had a fun time.

I now have three numbers... woo hoo!

Kim said...

Busy, busy, busy!! No need to apologize for being behind on the blog....totally understand! Love your snow day ~ and I am with you on freezing your donkey off, it has been a LONG bitter COLD winter here....and oh JOY, we had blizzard conditions today and are slated for up to 24" this weekend....along with more below zero temps....will this winter ever end!?!

As for MOJOY card is not doing so hot....but who knows, maybe I will sneak in with a win!! ;)

melanie, aka Mo said...

Diana, I need your info. Headed your way! Email me!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Nevermind! Found your old email!

snekcip said...

I'm not doing good on Bingo! Can't wait to see who the winner is!!