Monday, January 20, 2014

MoJoy art classes have begun again!

 We took our big break over the holidays, and now are back at it!  Today, we started out talking about the color wheel.  We learned about analagous colors!
 Or for the little ones, our chosen color's "next door neighbor" on the color wheel!

 We asked them to choose a stencil and do an analagous color to create a tone on tone style background.
 Miss Addison chose yellow and her neighbor, orange.
 Gabs went with all shades of purples and blues.
 Emery and I have already gotten a little wiser about how to use our space.  We set up our tables differently today.  And we also set up a table at the front of the room to have the girls come to for choosing their stencils and sprays.
 Ella had a pink shirt, pink skirt, pink bow, pink background, and pink spray with stencil.... see a little theme going there?!
 Kaley is such an independent worker.  I think she is ready for a little more "fine art" training!!  That class is in the works!

 Once the girls finished up their canvases by painting foam stamps, we allowed some extra time to work on their gratitude journals.
 Sweet Ella even included "Miss Mel" on her list of things for which she feels fortunate.
 Addison is a first timer in this class.  I think she is settling in nicely.
 This is Madi's 3rd or 4th round of art classes.  She is becoming an old pro.  The older girls learned to drop shadow their letters today!
 They also learned about contrasting colors, for instance, above, orange and blue are on opposite sides of the color wheel.
 Another Miss Addison.  And another first timer!!
 Karissa has also been in three sessions of the MoJoy classes.  She is very self motivated and can rock and roll in an art room!
 ANd look at my sweet baby's canvas!  I had to help her a little bit with the orientation of the letters (I was late on the "k"), but otherwise she was pretty self sufficient.  Proud of her.
 Because the kids were out of school today, we had several who didn't make it to class.  But, we still had a productive day!
 And for these girls.... I AM THANKFUL!


kimybeee said...

Very good job kids. I look forward to see details on the new art shop!

Amy K said...

Awesome creations!! I'm so happy for you, and to see MoJoy growing!

Sandy P said...

Did you blog about your new space? I read it on FB, but I didn't see anything about it here! My M would love to have a class like yours in town.

Becky said...

Are the girls enjoying school? I know that Ellie had a year under her belt - how is Gabs doing? Did you get a new art room?

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ That sweet Gabbi girl has the proudest look on her face - what a sweet doll!!! And she should be proud, her work is beautiful!
Have a great day,
Diana from Colorado

Riley said...

I love seeing your vision unfold. 2014 is living up to be your year of exploring and being grateful.