Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The 'hood.

We went on a little trial run about a week before Halloween.  Linda Lou obliged us to let us practice at her door.
She was going to be at dancing the evening of Halloween, so she would be relying on her son, Ford, and her hubs, Sam, for all the trick or treating excitement.  But... that didn't keep my kids from going over early to make sure she got to get in on a little of the action anyway!
ANd of course, Linda Lou being Linda Lou, she started emptying her cupboards to make sure they left with adequate stash!  Including Doritos!

We have a great 'hood.  And so many of my best friends live within a 1/4 mile of me.  I could walk there in an emergency.  But then again, why would I "walk" when I have a golf cart?!  That's sad, I know!
Another new member to our 'hood is Melinda.  She was at a birthday party in the 'hood where the kids were.  She snapped a few pics of them, then sent them to me via Facebook.
WOULD YOU LOOK AT THESE?!!   She is gonna be my new best friend!!
I've already signed her up to take our family's Christmas pics!!  And she just took KK and John Wesley's engagement pics.
These pics eventually became my Facebook header.

I LOVE how the pics are not only excellent quality, but she also captured my babies' personalities.
A WHOLLLLE lot going on around here right now.  Getting ready for my visitors from 4 different states!!  It's gonna be a great weekend!!



Amy K said...

Such cute photos! I can't wait to see your family pictures.

Anonymous said...

Adorable pics as usual!

Becky said...

No fair... you have an awesome photographer and a cake-maker for friends/neighbors!
LOVE the pics... the girls are so adorable! And sooo big! I about fell over when you said they were 5 & 6 already! I mean, I know we just recently celebrated birthdays, and I read your blog everyday. But it just made them sound so big today! I remember when they were born... seems like just yesterday. They sure hit the jackpot for parents!

Zhohn said...

Awesome pics! Sure wish I was going this weekend, I'm sure it will be amazing!