Monday, November 11, 2013

MoJoy Colorfinder1.0 Art Retreat.... was the BOMB!

 I don't even know where to begin really.  This weekend was PHENOMENAL!!  If I do say so myself!
 I feel I was more prepared, with better materials, and well organized projects to support the message of the growth materials.  I had help!  Emery, at my office, is a graphic designer.  The night before the participants arrived, she showed up with the final copy.  And it was just like I'd hoped.  It is a great tool that can be used and reused with classes to follow!
I had a special friend, MK, who individually sewed everyone a handmade jewelry bag to take home their jewelry as well as a handmade journal which would prove to be a very important tool for our weekend experience.
Ellie and Gabbi made one little brief appearance.  And then they were off to stay with Jessi and DeeDee and Granddad. 
There was seriously inspiration abounding, with so many fun quotes and sayings available for inspiration to paint, use on jewelry, on canvases, or just to adhere into the journals. 
Each of the participants has said she would be willing to tell their side of the story in an upcoming guest blog.  So be expecting this!
Nena Beth, in the grey was at her second retreat.  She is from Alabama.
Riley peeking out on the left and Jennifer, in the front in the red, were both here for the third round!  Riley is from San Antonio, and Jenn is from south of Alexandria.

That angel in the middle is Miss Nancy who brought the whole crew a big fat pan of WARM brownies!!  Talk about L.O.V.E.!!  Middle back is Lisa.  This was her second go at MoJoy too!  She is also from south of Alexandria and works with Jenn.
My sweet husband was unbelievable.  He had 10 women invading his house, and all he did was serve!!  He made us a delicious dinner, then would sneak back in when we were in the artroom and clean up our mess.  Truly, he was an angel.  I am a lucky woman!!
This is Pam.  Her daughter gifted her the retreat for an early Christmas present.  And this lady has got SKILLZ!  This was her first retreat, but hopefully not her last.
We had so many cool projects, and as the week goes on, and we are highlighting each project, I'll make sure we include pics from each.  Believe it or not, I never even took out my camera.  And my cellphone stayed "full" most of the weekend too.  So, I am blogging with the pics that many of you have already seen on instagram!

But never fear... there were plenty of folks who had their "good" cameras out and clicking away!
So stay tuned as these beaties take turns writing the blog posts.... and I need to quickly introduce a few more... Christy is in the foreground in the denim.  She is a local yocal... from a few doors down, in fact.  ANd in the purple is Amy from Wisconsin!  She brought us cheese curds!  And Chrissie is standing in the maroon shirt.  She is also from Monroe, yet we'd never met before this weekend. 
I think we all grew leaps and bounds.  We STRETCHED ourselves by sharing information about our lives and selves with each other, and STRETCHED ourselves as we tried new art techniques.  I am just so proud of this group that I really can't even express it with words.  Growth was achieved!!



Zhohn said...

Awesome! Sounds wonderful!

Beth E. said...

Looks like an amazing time! One of these days, girl, I'm gonna be there!:-)

Anonymous said...

So glad the weekend was awesome! I knew it would be fab!! I really think Todd should host male retreats to teach the hubbies!

nss said...

This is SO on my bucket list.. Saving my pennies and gonna be there some day!