Monday, November 18, 2013

KK's first bridal shower.

Our little KK is getting married.  And it will be here before we know it!
So, the morning that my MoJoy retreaters headed out, the KK friends and family started pouring in!
It was a cray cray weekend.  We had a group of 14 teachers on Thursday night, having a painting class.  Then, we went right into check in on Friday at lunch with the MoJoy retreaters.
They stayed through Sunday around 12:30, and KK's crew started showing up to set up at 1:00.  Shower at 2:00.  Bless poor ol' Todd the Bod's heart.  I try to be cognizant of using our house for EVERY single thing that comes up, but, somethings just MUST be at our house!
And actually, he is quite the trooper.  He just sort of hibernated for four days in the back private den.  Watching football, eating, playing on his computer... not exactly a horrible existence!
But back to KK...
She had a great turnout at her shower.  Everybody who knows KK loves KK!
She had people from work, from her family, from college, and just plain ol friends.
And believe me... she got some GREAT swag!!
Mary Allison and her sister, Elaina, were both in town for this celebration!
And I was so glad that I already had all the Christmas decs up!  Pressure OFF!
Look at these two beauties.
Elaina is getting married, also, in  the spring.  Ellie and Gabs are going to be flower girls in Katelyn's and Elaina's weddings.
And look at them with this big ol' teddy bear!
This one totally cracked me up!
Lauren was one of the hostesses and official writer downer of all the gifts.  I never want this job!

KK worked in my Ruston clinic when she was in college in Ruston.  This is some of her crew.
She is an engineer now, but I think there are days she'd admit she still wishes she was hanging out with the Ruston crew and running the Groves girls here and fro!
Now, we just gotta find the angel who can make these dresses from this photo... MK?!!!

We're excited about the wedding, KK!



kimybeee said...

My mom could totally make those dresses. She made all my bridesmaid dresses. She is a whiz! Too bad you are so far away in la and we are here in the hills of wv!

Anonymous said...

Your house looks beautiful all dressed up for Christmas! ! Yay for KK! She will be a gorgeous bride!!

Amy K said...

I'm glad the transition from retreat to shower went smoothly. Looks like a wonderful time.