Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Just in case" trick or treating!

 As previously mentioned, we were predicted horrible weather for Halloween!!  Soooo... being the good mother that I am, I got the girls allll decked out and we hit the 'hood a night early.  We went to a community wide carnival at a church.  And then, I called a few old faithfuls and told them to get some candy, cause we were headed their way!!
 First up, KK.  We even beat her home, cause she had to stop and get some treats for the girls.  They were so happy that she "remembered" them on Halloween!
 But this trip held an extra special "treat"...
 KK had something very special to ask the girlies.
 You see... KK will be getting married in December!  To our dear John Wesley.  And she needs a couple of super cute flower girls!
 You can see Ellie is all over it, but Gabs is still a little slow to process it all.
 Now, we have to find the dress or make the dress or whatever the dress, cause KK's wedding has to be AWESOME!
 Then off to JinJin's house.  She is NOT getting married anytime soon. ( I hope?!)
 Is anyone familiar with the way Merida's curls bounced when she chased the whisp in the movie, "Brave"?  They sort of boinged.   I remember noticing that every time we watched it.  All 977 times!
 Well, when Gabs ran, this wig did the EXACT same thing.  I mean, I can understand it with computer generation, but this wig?!  That was just weird!
 Of course, JinJIn was ready and did not disappoint.  She had her babies special baggies packed full of candy.
 And then, there was one more stop... DeeDee and Granddad's.
 As far as I can recall, this is the first time they've ever seen the girls all decked out for Halloween.
 It's been awesome having them living in the same town.
 And I think they'd agree too.  They are more than willing to help with the girls even before we have to ask!  They are loving being close to all their grands.
Pops and Nana live a little bit out of town, so they escaped the Halloween Eve trick or treating visit.  We'll hit them up soon though!!



Hallie said...

I had a little fox come to my house on Halloween in the same costume and I thought of Ellie. Our baby of the family is 17 and I miss trick or treating and the costumes. Cherish every moment.

Amy K said...

Awww, they are going to be the cutest flower girls!

Mama J said...

Our home in Arkansas was out and away and we did not have kiddos for we LOVED having cutie pies visit us on Halloween this year
.. Loved it. Our favorite memory of Halloween was when we lived in Shreveport. My husband set up a video camera with a monitor so when the kids came to the door, they could see themselves on 'tv'. They LOVED it as did we. Love kids!

Anonymous said...

They will be the cutest flower girls ever!!