Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Handmade ornament class... this weekend.

 I am going to be putting on a little handmade ornament class this weekend.  It will be Sunday at 2:00.
 We'll be painting these little paper mache' ornaments, and it'll be each person's perrogative on whether they want to paint Christmas caricatures like these...
 OR... we can use personal photos like this and paint names on the ornaments or maybe even use stickers like this one.
 This is a big wooden ornament which I will try to get my hands on before Sunday so we will also have this option.
 If you are planning to come to this class, start looking for a couple of wallet sized photos and a 4x6 photo that you want for your tree.
 Deb and Heather have both expressed interest in my painting some for them, and might even be sending me photos that they want used on ornaments.
 I can also use little bits of my kiddo's artwork on the ornaments!
 If you are interested in my making a few ornaments for you, just email me your photos, if you want a personalized ornament.  I will charge $10 each for the small ones, and $15 for the larger ones.
 Last year, we had a family photo shoot, and as usual, I had so many photos that I had no idea what I was going to do with all those pics!!  I took a chunk of them and made them into ornaments.
 I think it is cool to have all of our most favorite people represented on our tree.  And special events as well.  For instance, below is Ellie at her Thanksgiving program last year when Pops came to eat lunch with her.
 And this one is the first day Jake went back to St. Jude after his summer off without chemo.  He was puddle jumping in the parking lot in this series of photos.  And I love that this ornament brings back all those memories of that day!
 Grayson and Reed are our new neighbors, so I felt like they needed to see themselves on our Christmas tree.
 I love it that I have Ellie's kindergarten photo on our tree.  ANd this year, I will be adding Ellie AND Gabbi's school photos.  I look forward to EVERY year being added to the tree as well.
 Look at my sweet Hayden.  That was 8 years ago.  That is NUTS!
 So... if you are in town and interested in making a few ornaments to represent your family, friends, events, or even just practice your painting skills, come to the paint party this Sunday.
 My dear friend, Polly, even said she'd be bringing snacks!
 I am going to be doing more of these short little classes where we do fabulous projects and take them home immediately.  Instant gratification.   And learning new skills and techniques along the way too!
 I don't presently have these big stars, so they can't be a part of our weekend class, but I have other shapes saved up and ready to rock and roll.
 If you are local, come on and join us.  I have about 7 people signed up.  I think I can take about 12.
The class will be from 2:00-4:00 and costs $40.  It is going to be F.U.N.!!  Come on and join us.  And if you just LOVE baking, well, you know.. you're welcome to bring something along. Email me if you are interested in attending.  



kimybeee said...

You know I love all the believe stuff and I can remember all this pics of Stacis boys when they were little.

I even got me a new believe sign yesterday on clearance at hobby lobby!

Becky said...

I so wish I lived closer! Minnesota is a bit of a drive... but I love the ornaments! I really, really love the star one that says believe with Ellie making the "V"!! If you get your hands on any of those, let me know!