Friday, November 22, 2013

Best girl cousins

These two are not only best cousins, but I think I could safely say BEST FRIENDS too!
They are so, so happy when they get to spend time together!
They let poor ol' Gabs tag along (most of the time), but they really, deep down, think they are teenagers and that Gabbi is a baby and isn't worthy of their very important business.  Just sayin'!
But sweet Gabbi just rolls with the punches.  She really needs her own best girl cousin!

After years and years of boys, boys, boys (Hunter, Hayden and Jakipoo), we are now ALLLLL up into bows, buns, cute hats, polka dots, and flannel?! Sidenote:   (Staci, I DID try to get her to put on something cute... but you know as I do that when they stay at each others' houses, they both LOVE to wear each others' clothes.  ANd in this case, she chose flannel!)

SO here's to cousins!  We'll be seeing lots and lots of them this week!  We have a really big family.  JinJin is baby of 8, so we have aunts and uncles who have great grandchildren who are my age!  WAIT!!  JinJin is a great grandmother!!  I forget!
I'm grateful for these three girls.  And wish your family a super happy and gratitude-filled upcoming holiday.



Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ Three BEAUTIFUL angels!!! I know what you mean about them leaving Gabbi out - it breaks OUR hearts but they are just fine. That was the story of my life with my three girls - two always teamed up & left one out...never the same two, but always one left in left field.
Thank God that passed and now they are the best of buddies.
It sounds like a fun filled Thanksgiving for all of you.
Still hoping to see you out in Colorado some day....
My girls would get such a kick from Ellie & Gabbi.....hopefully some day.
Enjoy your weekend & Thanksgiving,
Diana from Colorado

Amy K said...

Love it! Such sweeties. What a blessed Thanksgiving it will be.
Did I see that your girls get a 9 day break for Thanksgiving? Wow! My kids just get Wednesday through Friday next week.

Unknown said...

Love how close your family is! Such a special bond all three girls' will have!

Unknown said...

Love how close your family is! Such a special bond all three girls' will have!

Mbeaty19 said...

Love that your girls and Madi have such a great relationship. While they exclude Gabbi sometimes you can appreciate how special their bonds are. I know about all about having a special cousin bond. My cousin, Brad was a month older than me. We grew up living across the field from each other. The first five years of our lives we were basically attached at the hip. I have so many wonderful memories of all our crazy times together. While we were close to some of our other cousins nothing compared to our bond. While we've grown up and mostly see each other only at holidays we can still sit and talk forever and at moments like that nothing else matters. Cousins truly are one of God's greatest gifts to us.

snekcip said...

I can readily agree that happens w/my 3grandsons. They are 5,4,and 3. The 3yr old is usually the one left out! The 5 and 4 yr old are always together, even in the same class at school. The 3yr old doesn't skip a beat. He marches to the beat of his OWN DRUM! He entertains himself THOROUGHLY!! Still I make them include him!! The Momma in me WON'T LET IT HAPPEN!!

PS Getting caught in blogland! I never come here anymore! School has taken all my free time!!