Monday, October 28, 2013

Todd's 44th birthday party!

 I do not believe that I ever actually posted about my man's 44th birthday party!
 First, let me say a  big fat thank you to Patti Gaskin, who can make the world's most awesome cakes with only very minimal direction.  She just needs a little inspiration, and she is off to the races!

She even put the little Nike tag on the bottom of the jersey.  It was very realistic looking!

 And the whole thing was sort of a surprise.  He knew a few people were coming over, but I invited more than the usual.
 And as they slowly but surely started showing up, I think he began to get the picture!
 I asked everyone to bring a finger food, because Todd is normally in charge of the food at our parties.  And since it was HIS birthday, I let him off the hook!  And my friends came through.... BIG!!
 Sorry, but we had to post the obligatory LSU/ Ole Miss chant on our chalkboard!
 And we'd tied up purple and gold balloons all over the joint.
 Todd seemed pleasantly surprised.  He isnt a big "emoter", I'm never all that sure of his emotion anyway.  He definitely enjoyed the company.
 This is where the group is singing Happy Birthday, and then he pretends to blow out imaginary candles which I forgot to stick in the cake!

 ANd as usual, the girls had to collect ALL the balloons and send them to Jake at the end of the night.
 I'm glad they still see the value in that ritual.
 It was a good night.  ANd now Todd is as old as I am!  44!  Two baby girls.  Life is GOOD!


Sharidrew said...

I'm sure he loved his party! Although the game itself probably didn't make him too happy. As I have said before, you throw the BEST parties!! And it appears your friends know how to bring great food to an event! Here's to a great week!

Hugs from Missouri,

Becky said...

I love that you blogged about Todd's party. He is an important part of your family. You have the best friends but then I know they think that about you also. So glad the girls sent the balloons to Jake - we still send to my nephew and my hubby and daddy

Anonymous said...

Todd The Bod is looking good at 44! Ya'll are too cute!!

Amy K said...

Looks like another great party at the BAH! Love that the girls continue sending balloons to Jake.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...
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