Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 30, 2013... just in case!

 My girlies had a great night of trick or treating tonight.  BUT... the forecast said RAIN, RAIN, and more RAIN!  So, Jusssst in case... we went out last night too!
 Ellie Sue was a fox, and Gabs was Merida from Brave.
 We went to a church that we are not actually members of, but we do visit from time to time.  And I figured if I went ahead and did this, in the case of rain on Halloween, they couldn't be too distraught.
 We were among the first to arrive.  That was cool, because we didn't have to wait in long lines.
 Gabs wasn't just wild about the balloon popping game!
 Ellie was perfectly fine with it.

 They both seemed to like the throw the beanbag through the toilet seat!

 We ran into Miss Polly, who does our hair.
 I took this side shot to show how Ellie's tail was velcroed up.  Funny looking.
 Gabbi's costume ripped early on, and she was showing a little midriff for the rest of the night.
 Ellie ran into her classmate and friend, Isabella, and they palled around for awhile.
 and then we saw my cousin, Drew and his family, including his son, Sam.

 The crowd really started to pick up, and this was IN the rain.  It sprinkled just about the whole time.
 That didn't matter to my little Halloweeners!  We also ran into Kaitlyn, one of Ellie's most favorite!!  (She is Jessi's girl!)
 So after a jumpy house and a couple of slides, we made our way to the exit.
 I ran into a few friends on the way out.  This is Shelby (she works at MMPT), and ...
 we saw Cannon, who is another MMPT regular!
 and his crazy mama and brother, Camden.
 But I could not have done it without the help of this young'un, Alex.
 Alex has been our babysitter this entire school year, and will be sticking with us this coming summer.  She has been a breeze to work with.
 I made a few calls and had a few folks rounded up and aware that we would be coming to trick or treat, in the event that Oct 31 tr or tre'ing was cancelled.  (As it turned out it was NOT!).
Thank you Christ Church for sponsoring such a fun event for our community. 

Stay tuned to see our visit with JinJin, DeeDee and Granddad and KK so we can at least say we went "door to door", per se.


P.S. I am getting so excited about our upcoming retreat.  Just sayin'!


Amy K said...

Cute costumes!

Mama J said...

That's our gal...always thinking ahead for your babies! They got to enjoy twice the fun....go Mel! Cute costumes for cutie pies!

Anonymous said...

So precious!!

Cherry said...

Such cuties....especially that Sam that you speak

snekcip said...

Love it!! Gabs was a beautiful Merida and that red hair accented those freckles! Loved Ellie's FOX costume and fell out laughing at that tail!! Loved their costumes Mo!!

We escaped a dreary forecast by a meer 2hrs! As you already know Bre was Merida as well and won 1st place in "best costume". That girl studied that character like a college kid on finals week better than an college kid on finals week!! She practice holding that bow and arrow just right! She wouldn't let me help her or anything! She got up on stage spun around and knelt slightly and placed that arrow perfectly! Yep, she walked away w/1st place trophy! She was up against so pretty AWESOME costumes too!! Loved how all the kids congratulated her afterwards! Talk about good sportmanship!! So good to see that STILL EXIST in this day and age!! Now to figure out to do with ALL THIS CANDY!!

Riley said...

My excitement is growing too!

Emily G said...

Tell Alex hello from me and Shelbi! She is an AWESOME young lady-so glad she is taking care of the girls!