Saturday, October 26, 2013

Getting ready for retreat day!

 Nevermind the half naked kid sitting on the table in the background, or the cat drinking my paint water.  (My life is a circus!)
 Try and just focus your attention on these little gems.  I have written the names of all the class participants on the soon-to-be nametags!  I have Chrissie, Christy, Lisa, Pam, Jennifer, Riley, JinJin, Jessi, Mo, and Amy.  I actually have one spot left. I've been working hard on the curriculum for personal growth and making sure the art projects are inspiring.  There are a few things I'll need the participants to gather up to bring to the retreat, and I intend to send out the welcome letters tomorrow outlining such.  If you think you want to be a part of this inspiring weekend, now is your chance.  Email me at
And if you still need the details of the retreat, you can follow this link...

I'm getting EXCITED!!
(Amy... start buying those cheese curds.  I've never had a Wisconsin participant at my art retreat.  You'll love all Todd's cheesehead paraphernalia.)


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Amy K said...

I'm on it!! Can't wait to see Todd's memorabilia.