Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Art class... our GRATITUDE project.

This might have been one of my FAVORITE projects.  (Hey, retreaters, do you think you'd like to do this?  Let me know and we'll try to sqeeeeeeeze it in too! )
The girls and I went out on a Sunday and found a great old magnolia tree.  That is the Louisiana state flower, ya know?   We dug around and found all sorts of shapes and sizes and colors!
Then I took them to the office, and Emery got them prepped with a heavy coat of ModPodge (those people should send me royalties!!!), so that they would be nice and stiff and protected.  Also, they are glossy and pretty and ready for paint!
Even the usually very distractible and busy boys seemed to like this project!

It was an easy one, because we just let them have free reign to all the paint colors, and they loaded their palettes and got to work.
Any colors.  Any designs.  Any patterns!

Who knew it could be this much fun to paint leaves?!
I think it is because the paint goes on so smoothly over the ModPodge?!

Doesn't this whole group just look so fun?!  I love kids' art classes!

Miss Caroline had finished her leaves and was ready to add all the things she was grateful for!
Don't you know that I LOVE that one of the first things she wrote was "Art"?!  It's ok to be thankful for art.  More people should be!
Here is Gracie with her finished mobile!
I don't think that I mentioned that they also had to go outside and find their own sticks.  Yep.  A little combined nature hunt/ art class!
Painting the sticks was as much fun as painting the leaves!

I think all these mamas have a treasure now to hang up every Thanksgiving.  I know mine will STAY up in my cottage year round.  Being thankful certainly doesn't need to be confined to one time of year!  RIght?!
Miss Caroline was also thankful for her pets.

Dont' you love all the patterns and designs?!

Haley even added a cool feather to hers.

And Kaylie did some super cool designs.
Lane is one of the boys who I can tell really, really, really loves art class!  And it shows.  He takes all of the projects very seriously!
And in case you were wondering, he is grateful for his friends and his Granny!
And look at sweet Luke.
This boy is so photogenic.  His mom and I graduated from high school together, so it is a reunion of sorts every time she comes to pick him up.  Oh, and she brings me a sweet tea every class. THAT is a good friend!
And I am grateful!



Amy K said...

I am game for anything you come up with...remember I'm already way out of my comfort zone?! :)
Due to the airline bag weight restrictions, I'd probably not be able to take this home, but just an idea for you to ponder, maybe for your locals (Leaf Casting looks amazing):

Mary T said...

I love that you are teaching gratitude to your art class. When you are grateful for what you have it is easier to give to others with a loving heart. :) Love that you teach them so much more than art!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea!!!! I need to try this with my kids