Monday, September 16, 2013


Oh myyyyyy wooorrrrddd.... it was a mega exciting day!  I let the girls ride the school bus home!
Ellie got to ride it a few times last year, but Gabbi has never even been ON a bus.
She was feeling pretty dadgum bigshot when she was getting off of it.  Ellie, took the "quick way" out and sort of slid down on her buttocks.  Poor baby.  Maybe if she'd put her feet IN her shoes instead of crushing the backs of her new TOMs with her heels.  Can I get an AMEN?!
And YES. I DID fringe her shirt for her the night before she wanted to wear it, because I am an awesome and acommodating mom like that!  ha.  She was feeling pretty F.L.Y.!  (Not to mention she wanted to wear a Rebel shirt to school, and this 3T was too short.  Improvisation!!)
Here comes Miss Careful.  Miss Steady Eddie.
Nope... she's not gonna fall!!  Slow and steady wins the race.  I've never thought about that.... Ellie is the hare.  Gabbi is the tortoise!
And here's Miss April.
Nevermind that Miss April would now like to move forward to take the rest of the kids home.... Gabbi had a dog to pet!!
Making those sweet memories.  Got any good bus stories?!



Mama J said...

Loved the girls and the bus...boy it's a bigun...none of my grands rode the bus...lived too close to school..but BOY...does this bring back memories of MY school bus days. wahahahaha....DECADES ago...

Some precious cargo there!

Anonymous said...

Yay for the school bus!!! My kiddies always wanted too ride it too!!

Unknown said...

Awe the bus is so BIG compared to the kids.

I liked Ellie's shirt :)

Hallie said...

When I was little, the only kids who rode the bus were the ones who lived in the country. If you lived in town, you walked to school or rode your was a really small town. I was always jealous of the country kids who rode the bus.

Kaia said...

I fell asleep on the bus in first grade. The next thing I remember was some kids telling the bus driver, "Yes, she's back here!" None of my 2 or 3 siblings on the bus realized I should be getting off (I guess?!) and my mom had to call the bus garage, who called the bus driver. So I got to be adventurous and ride the whole route before they brought me back home!

Becky said...

How precious. No buses in my time unless you lived more than a 1/2 mile from school. You walked or rode your bike.