Sunday, June 9, 2013

Gabbi loves chocolate and Memorial Day bikini

I know I already posted a few of these pics, but for whatever reason, I had them loaded to go again!
So this is the day Gabs wanted Nutella poolside.  And this bathing suit... the neck hole in it looks like it is made for a babydoll.  Seriously.  We tried to tellher that it wouldn't be comfortable, but she continued to choose it!
Finally, we hid it from her!
I LOVE this picture!!  I have it in my beach book, right at the front.  Might even be the very first beack pic in the book!!

Those little freckles slay me!

She loves her mama, like BIG time!  And her mama loves her too!!

The way we mark out trip every year is that we know we are going to be there for Memorial Day weekend.  And I guess with that plus the fact that July 4th is coming up, red, white, and blue bathing suits were all over WalMart!   This is Ellie's pick!
This is that "exclusive" middle pool area by the way.  The one where Ellie pretty much works as the bouncer at the gate with Xavess.
Oh, and if you aren't following me on instagram (melaniemomom), you probably didn't realize that KK, Lauren, and Jordan, all college kids, came to see us and stay for a couple of days.
Ellie is NEVER too big or preoccupied to hang out with her fave, KK!!  WHo by the way has taken her first job as an engineer.  Can you even believe that?!!  smart girl.  Good for her.  Bad for us!! :(



simplykristi said...

I work in apparel at a Walmart in metro Kansas City. We have lots of swimsuits!

Zhohn said...

Y'all are such a precious family :)

Unknown said...

Too cute!!! Loving the red, white and blue!! I have never tried Nutella.... Gabs makes it look tasty!!

Mary said...

Who doesnt love nutella ? And i really like Ellies suit

Amy K said...

LOVE Gabbi-girl's freckles (and Nutella face)!