Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tee ball practice.

It's always interesting to upload the most recent pictures on my phone and find that Gabbi Girl has had a little free stylin' in the phottgraphy department without my knowing!
She must've thought this dude was looking fly, cause she took a bunch of pics of him!
We were at the ballpark for our first ever tee ball practice on the actual field.  For my girlies, this is a "first" eva!  They have never had to understand bases, running them or how to play them in defense!  Should be an interesting season!
And here, well... THIS picture I really do like!!
Mary Allison swung by to go with me to tee ball practice.  And Gabbi took a little time out to come over to visit us in the bleachers.  I think she might be one of the youngest players on the team. I didn't let Ellie Sue play at 4 y/o, but since I am taking Ellie this year as a 5 y/o, I figured I might as well let them both play since I am making the trip.
Look at those precious little freckles!
And there they are... the family who Gabs is infatuated with.
And a selfie.
I found out about a new app while I was sitting there, needless to say, with NO make up on, and doesnt' appear that I bathed nor washed my hair either.  In fact, am I wearing my pajamas?!!
The app is called DBLCAM.  It takes a pic and then automatically flips itself and takes a pic of the thing on the opposite side of the camera.  All in about 2 seconds.
Mary Allison and I had to try it out a few times til we actually got the hang of it.

And by the way, in yesterday's blog when I showed those gorgeous dark legs and said they were mine.  They weren't!

Ha!  These are mine!  Nobody gonna be worrying about me, skin cancer, and tanning beds, NOPE!  Being too dark is really not a concern of mine at this time!  haha  Don't be hatin'!
And again, learning the DBLCAM.
Can you believe I even went in public like this!?  WAIT!  I think that really might be my pjs.  (I'm about to give a peep show.)
OK.  Well, vanity is not my sin.... as evidenced by these pictures.  And my sweet MA went to prom this weekend, so I have some great new pics to share soon!  She was go-geous!!  Take my word for it!



Amy K said...

Too funny! I saw a prom sneak peek on Facebook - can't wait for you to post about it.

Rhonda said...
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Rhonda said...

I am LAUGHING about the legs, because when I saw that picture yesterday, I thought ~ wow, ole' mo has some nice legs!!! And I thought they were nice and tan, too!! Funny stuff!!! By the way, I'm going to Canton Thursday!!!

Zhohn said...

I almost left a comment on the nice legs. Haha

Tee ball should be fun!!

Kathryn said...

MA was probably the only 12 year-old at the prom. I am not yet ready to believe she is older than 12. I love those pics! Will Ellie bedazzle her helmet? Will GG let loose of Mama long enough to play center field? Can't wait!

Becky said...

I, too, was thinkin' you had some nice legs! (not that you still don't!) But I'm not really liking all these warm, spring, sunny, outside activity pics as I'm from stupid Minnesota where we will probably still have snow on the ground in June!! BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaia said...

Yay-was excited to see DBLCAM is free! Might be fun to have a self pic+pic of where you are!