Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's treats from Daddy

Better late than never, right? Let's revisit Valentine's Day.  Gabbi Girl had therapy that day, so here she sits in a tactile bin, with her face full of make up.  She is ALLLL about some lipstick lately!
Above is Adrienne.  She is from Mississippi and is doing her internship at the clinic in OT.
If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, by now, you have seen our tee shirts.
I just couldn't resist.  I ordered them from emtannerdesigns.com  I prety much get all of our holiday tees from there and have since the girls were babies.
It was pretty much Todd's Valentines Day gift.  It worked.  When he saw the three of us walk in with our "I heart todd" shirts on, he had a smile ear to ear.
I can't believe I chose this picture.  My gigantic boobs are all asymmetrical.
We were doing a lot of posing to get the one we would send out as our WE LOVE TODD statement of the day, and we had a time getting the pose right!
Todd the Bod, as usual, used his love language of gift giving and went totally overboard for our V Day morning.  I Love that he does that though!
This is what it looked like when we woke up.  He even got up early to have it all set up like this.
I mean, the boy even dipped and swirled his own strawberries.  Way to go, daddy.
Someone commented on the Flintstones vitamins.  Well, heck yeah, our daddy wants his girls to be healthy.  Ha.  Thus all the candy surrounding it.  He got Ellie an iTunes card, because she has learned about downloading apps to her iTouch and iPad.  She is way more computer savvy than I, even at 5 years old!
And of course, after all this candy, they'll be needing the dental pics that he also bought them.  Gabbi, of course, got a jar of peanut butter, and a Brave Pez dispenser... only for loading and unloading, as they are not keen on the taste.
She is also the recipient of the DVDs.  Ellie is not so much into watching movies.  She's got waaaay too much going on to sit still and do that.

How do you like those Christmas pjs from about two years ago?!
See the Barbie toothbrushes?  Arent' toothbrushes just a staple for every holiday?!  They are at our house!
And Todd the Bod got me a girly movie, and 007!  Do I LOOK like I'd wanna watch 007?  I think that was more for him than me!  He hooked me up with Godiva though.
So, all in all, a good day!  Even Lizzie got a new box of dog treats.
I had a printed coffee travel mug made for Todd with him, Mary Allison, Ellie and Gabbi all snuggled up on it.  I didn't take pic of it though.  Either way, I think he wins in the Valentine's Day gift department!  I'm a lucky girl.  Plan on him being my Valentine til we're 90+!



Unknown said...

Wow! What a great way to start the day!!

Kaia said...

Love those shirts--so cute!

Nana said...

"Daddy done good!" What wonderful memories you are making for those precious little girls. Thanks for sharing. Glad you are back. Almost a week had me nearly in withdrawal.

Amy K said...

Todd definitely wins the best Valentine award! Love the t-shirts and pictures.

Sharidrew said...

So thoughtful and definitely shows that he KNOWS his girls!! He also LOVES his girls! And the tshirts were great! Glad everyone (including Izzie) got to feel special on V-Day! Thanks for sharing!

Hugs from Missouri,

Shannon said...

Precious! It says so much that Todd is THAT thoughtful. WTG Todd!

Zhohn said...

Love it! The shirts are adorable, just perfect :)

Becky said...

That was so sweet! And those strawberries look delicious! Way to go Todd!!!