Thursday, February 21, 2013

Curly Sue's kindergarten class photos

My kids are so funny.  And might I add SOOOO different!

So, let me be the first to say, I was pretty excited when Ellie agreed to try to roll her hair for her class pictures at school!  I mean, usually if I suggest it, then it is the most far-fetched ridiculous suggestion known to man!
But on this particular night, she agreed!  And the results... well... judge for yourself!
I thought she looked absolutely adorable.  But, as we know, I am a bit biased!
We went out to our trashy garage to take our morning photos.  We took them in the garage vs out on the driveway as usual, because we awoke to rain.  As in monsoon!
I was a little bit relieved, as Miss Curls's curls were a weeee bit tight, and I thought maybe the weather would help relax that afro a bit!
Gabbi has become the posing connoiseur in case you haven't noticed.  and I have no idea how to spell connoiseur, in case you haven't noticed!
Lord help us.  Gabbi's body awareness leaves something to be desired.  She is all kinds of crazy looking for that one hand on hip, hip cocked out, one knee bent pose that her sister has mastered.
But we do therapy for that, so I think it's getting a little bit better.
This is moments after she saw herself with her hair all dolled up and ready to walk out the door.
See how tight the curls are?!  But that is NOTHING compared to the way she woke up that morning... just after we took the curlers out of her hair.  Nope.
When that happened, we saw THIS!!  And she was NOT a happy camper.  It was one of those moments when, as a parent, you are supposed to be all understanding and sweet, but you cannot contain your own laughter!  Kinda like the time I was so proud that I had sung Bette Midler's The Rose and taped it in an actual sound booth at Six Flags for my mom and dad, and they were laughing so hard they were crying when I brought it home to them and played it for them the first time.  NO, really.  I was scarred.  MOM, if you are reading this, I remember we were sitting in your bed on Jennifer Lane, and y'all were really trying so hard to not laugh, but instead were busting your guts and crying you were laughing so hard.  SCARRED!!
Did I just do that to my child!?  It was worth it!  I LOVE this picture!
So, this blog is dedicated to foam rollers.  The kind that BIG TIME roll little girls' hair and make for pretty little school photos!  

The End.


Deb said...

Nothing compared to what I did to my daughter in 4th grade. She had fine hair and lots of it so I thought that a layered cut and a perm would fix it. It was 1984 you know and curly hair was in. Boy was I wrong!!!!! And she had to have her school pics taken with that do...we do laugh now but pretty traumatic at the time. Funny thing tho, when she hit puberty her hair got curly!

Lisa said...

Ellie looks so beautiful and Gabbi is just precious.

Zhohn said...

Love the curls on Ellie! She looked grown in the pics you took outside.

Beth E. said...

I think Curly Sue's hair is adorable...both girls always look so cute!

There were several times my parents "damaged" me when I was growing up, and I'm sure my two boys can share a few tales about things I did to's a rite of passage! ;-)

Jeni said...

Her hair turned out ADORABLE!

Kathryn said...

Love love love the curls!

kimybeee said...

love her hair!!! it looks great back away from her face. and her smile is so big - she knows she is beautiful!!!as someone with naturally curly hair - curling cracks me up.

my daughter has naturals curls too and she straightens most of the time. she does wear it curly occasionally. i told her one day she will stop fighting it. i haven't done more than wash and blow dry mine for as long as i can remember. no products - no styles lol just hair!

and gg's poses are so entertaining!! i love that even when she tries to imitate she is still dancing to the beat of her own drum - that is precious!!!

Becky said...

love the curls! Also, love about GG now posing. & even to the extent of teaching it at the workplace. Happy Friday. Becky

snekcip said...

Ellie's curls and Gabbi's hip swirls! LOVE!!

Well our picture day was NOT SO GOOD! I got my girl all DOLLED UP, including hair and the PERFECT DRESS, bows the WHOLE NINE....and get a text from the teacher abt 8:30am that says "pictures resched until March 1st". I was OUTDONE!! Really?!!


Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Renee said...

I love the final result. And since she has mastered picture posing, I'm thinking you will have a great school photo unlike most school photos.

Riley said...

Those rollers are always hard to gauge what they will do to your hair. I love the curls on Ellie!! Priceless pictures!