Friday, January 18, 2013

MMPT Part Three

Last retreat post. I promise.  Next one will be June.
In case you thought only I did funny pictures of eating opportunities.... check out ol' Jessi Mae. 
This is Jessica.  She is a physical therapy assistant and we work very closely together with pediatrics.  She's like my right arm at work.  And she keeps me organized!
This is how we voted on our core values.  We put the main ones that folks had submitted previously. 
Then, everyone got 5 beans and could use them all on one word if they felt really strongly about it, or sort them among five words.
I'm pretty sure the above ended up being our core words.. Service, Fun, Passionate, Knowledgable.... at least they were in the top 7 or so.
Yet another team building game... we had to grasp hands in a circle with someone across from you.  We took one person's hand with our right hand and another person's with our left.
And then... we had to unknot ourselves.
This group was totally lost!
Some just flew through the test, and others well...
We let one group just give on up!

Poor, poor TEam Jessi!
We stood around and watched as I think they went from bad to worse!  haha
Summer is our new director in the Monroe clinic and has proven herself to be an admirable leader at MMPT.
She had a key role in getting the program set for this year's winter retreat.
We were each given an egg and a bag of supplies.  We had to create a protection for the egg such that Summer could drop the egg while standing atop a chair on the concrete floor without it cracking.
We also had to make an intro to go along with it.  I don't actually remember what this was, but it looks pretty entertaining!
And lo and behold, it did not break!
time and time again... no cracking!
To me it was little short of a miracle.
Lemme just say.  We have a good time!  We have awesome employees who love each other and love the patients.  If our values say anything about us, we are passionate, loving, service oriented, fun, knowledgable, and joyful.  I think that's a pretty good package!

(Did I mention BOTH of my girls have the flu?!)


Lori said...

NO~! No are supposed to be leaving! NO FLU!!!!!! :(

Hallie said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Let me know if you are ever in need if a bsnker with commercial real estate experience lol. I would love to work for a company that has this much fun!!!

Lisa said...

Hope the girls feel better very soon.

Sam said...

That flu is no joke! My little girl had it right before Christmas. I have never used so much clorox in my life! Her dad got it, but I survived. Only to catch a cold from one of the two year olds we keep at church! I hope they both feel better soon and that you stay healthy!