Friday, January 25, 2013

Dinner Guest

I'm really enjoying playing with those of you who are playing along.  I must find an Ikea and get there soon!  I've never been in Trader Joe's, but sounds like I need to go.  And to stay in the spirit of the question game, here's one for today:

Suppose that you had the opportunity to choose 3 people with whom to eat dinner:

A famous sports figure, a movie star, and a popular singer.  Who are the 3 people that would be joining you at the table.

My answers to these questions are forthcoming, as I need to give it some thought.  But the 2 people who come immediately to mind when asked a question like this are Willie Nelson and Bette Midler.

And to keep Mama J happy, I'm including a video of my strange oldest child who is always finding ways to entertain the masses. 


kimybeee said...

i don't worry about playing along if you have plenty of commenters. i seem to be first today, so here we go.

one sports figure - this is tough, i don't put much value on sport people as a role model. i will go with peyton manning if we are going traditional. i would like to talk to him about why he chose to come back to football after his injury instead of retiring. and non traditional sports - any of the robertsons would be great or any of the bone collector crew. they are all great examples of good sportmanship, good stewards of the land and most importantly their faith stands out as one of their greatest traits.

i don't have any movie stars that i can think of to bring to dinner. maybe jennifer garner, she is from right here at home. i guess we could talk about how a band geek from charleston wv ended up with a successful hollywood career that has avoided all the tabloid trash even after she married somebody that the tabloids loved.

as for a singer, that would be much more difficult to pick one. blake shelton, luke bryan, jason aldean, brad paisley, tim mcgraw and several more are great choices for the men. carrie underwood, reba, martina mcbride are strong contenders for the ladies. if i could only pick one it would be loretta lynn or dolly parton. i have loved them both since i was little and they are country gals that have had long marriages and careers and collabarated with some awesome partners over the years.

i guess my dinner table would be really full, but of course i never have simple answers to anything. this is a great question!!!

p.s. i can totally live at hobby lobby with you! our's has a mattress store in the end of a little plaza so we could drag us some mattresses down and decorate our bedrooms. it has a drug emporium next door - so we could live off more than register candy and ours even has a joanns fabrics and a furniture store as neighbors - we would be set! lol

snekcip said...

Sports figure: Gabrielle (Gabby)Douglas because she is PHENOMENAL young woman and would be a great inspiration to my babygirl who LOVES gymnastics!!

Movie Star: Well I would have to say Adam Sandler...he appeals to my humorous side. Throw in Jim Carrey and they probably would put us OUT OF THE RESTAURANT!! These guys are hilarious!!

Singer: Definitely VaShawn Mitchell! One of the BEST MALE GOSPEL singers ever!!! I probably wouldn't be eating though, I probably be having a PRAISE PARTY at the table!! Especially when he sings NOBODY GREATER!!!

Maggie said...

Ohhh... this is fun.

Sports Figure - this one is the toughest, and I'm not sure I could lock anyone down, but I think I'd probably rather an olympian, than one of the mega/celebrity athletes.

Actor - Tom Hanks. I have heard and seen him give several interviews. He seems to be, perhaps, the nicest guy on the planet, totally interesting while being real and relateable.
Second would be Jimmy Fallon, for all the same reasons.

Singer - Probably Adele. She seems, again, very real, comfortable with herself without being a diva.

Zhohn said...

Not really into sports but maybe Drew Brees, Betty White (to keep me laughing) and singer, Garth Brooks since i don't think ill ever see him in concert.

Susan said...

I'm going to ignore the sports figure as I could barely even tell you the name of one! As for a movie star, I like Rachel Bilson to talk about fashion and Reese Witherspoon for her southern charm. Blake Shelton would be my pick for singer not really for his music, but just that he's hilarious! Taylor Swift would also be fun.

melanie, aka Mo said...

Jimmy bee: did you know I used to sit and listen to Tim McGraw strum his guitar in college at the Pike House? Even went in a crew with him to Florida for spring break. I, too, would love to meet Dolly! And of course you know those Robertsons have been long time friends of ours! I forgot to mention, we don't have a local JoAnns, but when I can, I visit one. I LOVE that store. The buyers in those stores have great taste!

Shannon said...

Sports - Bo Jackson only because he is so good! I don't follow sports much.

Movie star - Betty White she reminds me of my Grammy!

Singer - Dolly Parton or Reba Mcentire

Lisa said...

Definitely Toby Keith or Carrie Underwood. Not into sports, but maybe Jeff Gordon or Helio C. As for movie stars, maybe a comedian type - Jerry Seinfeld or cast of SNL/SNL alum.

Kathryn said...

Sports figue: Stan the Man! His funeral is today in St. Louis. A kind, wonderful gentleman who was beloved here.

Movie star: I would love to have dinner with Meryl Streep! I think she is just a very neat woman, not afraid to take a chance.

Popular singer: Easy! Lada Gaga for sure. I admire this woman to the moon and back. Brilliant, crafted a stage persona so perfect, wonderful voice she takes care of, and her considerable fame is carefully used for projects she absolutely believes in. I like that.

Emily said...

Sports Figure:Michael Oher(The Blind Side)
Movie Star: Morgan Freeman
Popular Singer: John Rich(Big&Rich)

Unknown said...

Emmit Smith, Oprah Winfrey and Vince Gill!!

kimybeee said...

well mel - you were a roadie for tim mcgraw lol you learn something new everyday.

maybe someday our paths will cross in person and we can have a prayer and dinner with the robertson crew lol i think they would be a lot of fun to have as friends - and i swear my husband is so much like si lol lol

i don't go in joanns very often. but for a long time they were all we had here. then we got a michaels and i think acmoore came about the same time that walmart started getting crafty and closer to us. we have only had our hobby lobby a couple of years. but if i have a certain project in mind i will hit them all to find what i need.

Ashley Bianchi said...

Mary Lou Retton, Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce.


A famous sports figure, a movie star, and a popular singer.


Unknown said...

I need to think about those tough questions you asked, but I wantef to tell you that I just heard Don and Staci on 101.1 (New Orleans country music station). They were talking about Jake for the St. JUDEATHON. It was so actually hear their voices and following the blogs for so many years. They made me cry, but I loved hearing about sweet Jake

jenny said...

Well, you didn't say they needed to be living today, so here are mine:
Sports - Jackie Robinson
Star - Jimmy Stuart
Singer - why, Elvis, of course (Im from Tupelo, MS)!

coolgirl2011 said...

Sports Figure: It would have to be Jeff Gordon
Movie Star: Chris O'Donnell I always thought he was the star ever,still do.
Singer: Tim McGraw

Mary said...

Well these are tough ones:

Sports figure: Mark Sanchez so I could kidnap him and he could never play for the Jets again :)

Singer: Elton John. He could just sing and play the piano all night while I spend my evening dining with Brat Pitt.

Angie R. said...

Hmmmm....this one does require some thought....

Sports player would be Tim Tebow. He seems like such a genuine and fun perosn. Love that he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes!!

Movie even harder...I am thinking Reese Witherspoon. She seems very down to earth and she is a fellow southerner.

Singer...that would be a tie between Luke Bryan and Chris Daughtry. I love that Luke Bryan is from a town close to mine, and that he stays true to his roots. I love that Chris Daughtry worked his way to the top, and he seems like a great guy.

Good questions this week!!

Unknown said...

Sports player - Drew Brees love, love, live his love of faith and family
Actress - Reese Witherspoon she seems so sweet
Singer - Kenny Chesney (he's just so darn cute!!)

Dawn said...

My favorite sports guy would be Enmitt Smith that used to play for the Dallas him. He's a great guy and still a loyal Cowboy fan.

My favorite actress would be Reese Witherspoon. She's talented and pretty.

My favorite music artist would be Justin Timberlake. He's too cute and I love to hear him sing.

Amy K said...

Sports figure would be Packers great Donald Driver - he is such a class act.
Movie Star - either Michael J. Fox or Julia Roberts.
For a singer, I would choose Steven Curtis Chapman, as he and his family are a true inspiration of faith to me.

Becky said...

So, let's see... do I need to pick one from each category?
Sports Figure would be Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr or Michael Waltrip. How do you pick just one?
Singer would definately be TIM MCGRAW (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HIM!!) But also would have loved to meet ELVIS!!
Movie Star would be Matthew McConaughey!

Becky said...

But, WAIT! Then I left out Luke Bryan and Justin Moore! Hmmm... how do you pick JUST ONE???

Kaye Cannon said...

Drew Bree's; Richard Gere; and George Strait

Renee said...

Sports figure- Chipper Jones, Dale Murphy or Drew Brees. Oh shoot - forgot to either Eli or Peyton Manning.
Movie star - Julia Roberts
Singer- Carrie Underwood

Rhonda said...

Singer ~ George Strait (the KING.....enough said!)
Actor ~ George Strait (Pure Country)
Spors Figure ~ George Strait (he's an accomplished team roper!)

Needless to say, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE George Strait!!!!! :)

simplykristi said...

Sports star - Danny Manning
Movie star - Tom Hanks
Singer - Bruce Springsteen