Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ellie Sue's Christmas program

Yay!!  23 comments.  Yay! I knew there were more than 5 of you reading! Actually, there are hundreds of you on a daily basis who are not showing me the comment love, but I'll let you slide.  For now!  ha

Ok, this post is all about Ellie Sue's Christmas program.
Miss Gabbi Girl got carted in by Todd the Bod.  I just love a daddy and his little girl.  Very sweet.  And pretty hot, if I do say so myself.  just sayin'.  It melts my heart.
Can you tell by what greeted us as we came in what the main theme of our program would be?
yep.  It was a bell choir!
Ellie is up there at the black railing.  Fourth one from the left.  Find Braylee in the green shirt.  She's far left.  Ellie is in a pony tail and a red shirt.
This is what the audience looked like.  Look at all hte cameras being held up.  I mean, EVERYWHERE!!  These were all kindergarteners, so they were all just as proud and excited as I was!

See my little runt up there?!
Immediately following the show, we went to the kindergarten classroom to celebrate the Christmas season with a party.
This is Dawson.  He is in Ellie's class, and this has become our mutual greeting to one another.  I know, I know.  I should grow up.  But it is so dang much fun to antagonize!   I get the aggravation gene from my daddy, or so my mama says.
Mrs. Gaskin handed out her gifts to all the kids.
And when they opened them, I couldn't believe how much she'd apparently spent on each kid.  What a nice gift.  They all just loved their stuffed doggies.
Once again, JinJin was present for the festivities.  Madi had her party the same day, so she had to hightail it from Madi's school to ours to make both events.
As usual, Mrs. Gaskin and our room moms made the room/ party very festive.
And then, Mrs. Gaskin called all the kids up to the mat again.  She read letters to each of them from Santa Claus.  He knew all about them.  All about their behavior.  All about their manners.  And he indicated such in each of their letters.
Miss Gabbi Girl made her way to the circle too.
It was sweet to see Ellie ask her friend to scoot over so her sister could join the group.  Very sweet!
And then, along with the letters, Mrs. Gaskin had handpainted the cutest little keys for each of the kids.
The keys were regular keys and she painted a Santa on each one for hte kids to put out with milk and cookies for Santa to have a way in and out of the house wihtout having to use the fireplace.
I don't know about the rest of them, but Ellie surely did love it!  And look (above) at Gabs's face.  She was clinging on every word from Mrs. Gaskin!
I gotta tell you, I am most impressed with Ellie's handwriting.  (when she puts forth effort!).  See above... that is actually her signature.  I think it almost looks like the teacher's.  And then, below, I LOVE that she adds a little swirl inside her sunshine.  So presh!
All of these ornaments were hanging in the hallway.  I GUESSED that the polka dotted one would be hers.  JinJin guessed the same one.  There wasn't a name on the back.  And sure enough... my baby has been paying attention when her mama is adding polka dots to canvases!  So proud!
Here she is posing with one of her main guys, Anderson.  He is also her "elbow partner", meaning they grade each others' papers and choose the best letters, re: penmanship, etc.
My little Rudolph was very, very happy to have her mama and daddy, sister and JinJin there.
And then came this.... the entire class had to bring 22 gifts, individually wrapped for this huge stocking.  The time finally arrived to open them all.  She was a happy girl! 
I am just so blessed by the effort put forth by Mrs. Gaskin to make my baby happy about being in school and because I am such a holiday celebrator myself, I am really happy that she makes a "big deal" out of all holidays.  She also welcomes parents to all the shindigs.  I hope Miss Gabbi Girl has a similar experience! 

More Christmas festivities coming tomorrow. 



Zhohn said...

Awesome! Seems like she has a wonderful teacher. Love the idea of the letters and key for Santa!!

Michelle said...

Cute girl is growing up! Love the fun party details! I'm impressed each kid brings that many gifts to hand out!!

connie said...

i love her teacher she put so much effort into each gift she gave each child and how she decorated the room for christmas i love it all she is a wonderful teacher from what i can tell and i can see how much she loves each one in her class. i love too how ellie let gabbi sit beside her when the teacher was talking to them. how sweet i love all the pictures that you took i love christmas myself i love making all kind of crafts cant wait to see the rest of what you took during christmas...

kimybeee said...

wondered where you have been! was fraid you had caught todd's everything you share with us!

Unknown said...

AWESOME teacher!!! Love the idea of 22 gifts!

Amy K said...

The picture of Gabbi looking adoringly at her Daddy is about the most precious thing ever!
Ellie's penmanship is very impressive.
It's heartwarming to see that your schools still celebrate the holidays - how wonderful for the kids & their families.

Bj said...

So sweet! I love Ellie's picture (and if you look at it just right...her sunshine with the swirl in it, looks almost like a "G" for Groves....just saying! Hugs, BJ

Kathryn said...

Fun and hello from Orange Beach.

Ness said...

I am thrilled beyond thrilled the way these girls are growing up...surrounded by love, God, friends and family. You are indeed blessed. And yes, I look but don't always comment but I will start. Happy New Year to you and your phenomenal extended family. Love you!

Rhonda said...

I'm commenting two days in a ROW!! Woohoo!!! Anyways, I LOVE all the kinder party pictures! The one of the parents taking pictures cracks me up, because that is just SO true - we ALL think our kid is IT!!!!! Ellie has an awesome kinder teacher - she really does go above and beyond! The ornaments are AWESOME, especially the polka dotted one and the swirl in the sun.....GO ELLIE!!!! Cute, cute, cute!! Making memories for Ellie!

Crystal said...

Precious as always!
I didn't realize Maddie goes to a different school.

Always reads, never comments... I'm sorry.
Happy New Years!

Renee said...

Ellie's teacher and school sounds fantastic.